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Serrano ham
Friday, October 26, 2012
Serrano ham. It’s delicious. You can find it in nearly every bar and restaurant in Spain and pay anything from a few cents to hundreds of euros for the pleasure. A bit like whisky (but without the...
Renewing a British passport in Spain
Friday, October 26, 2012
If you become a resident of Spain, at some point you are going to have to renew your British passport. People can be tempted to take a short cut with renewing a passport in Spain. But you should be...
Cinema in Spain
Friday, October 26, 2012
If you live in or near a major town or city, there should be a cinema within your reach. The difficulty for many non-Spanish residents, is, as you might expect, that the films will be in Spanish. If...
Extensions: closing in a balcony or terrace in Spain
Thursday, October 25, 2012
Property dimensions If you own a property in Spain you will possess a Purchase Title Deed. On this deed you will find a description of the property that includes the square metres of construction...
Renting out your Spanish property
Thursday, October 25, 2012
Rental law in Spain and what it means for you Due to the current economic climate many Spanish property owners are considering renting out their property in Spain in order to generate a little...
Power of Attorney and Validation of Spanish legal documents
Thursday, October 25, 2012
A Power of Attorney, called a ‘Poder Notarial’ in Spanish, is a written authorisation to represent somebody in any kind of legal matters or transactions. For example: purchase of a property sale of...
Demolition of Spanish houses
Monday, October 22, 2012
There has been no shortage of publicity around the difficulties with illegal houses in Spain. There have been many sad cases that have hit the headlines of Spanish homes being demolished and with...
What happens when the Spanish builder goes bankrupt?
Monday, October 22, 2012
Unfortunately, these days, this is not an uncommon problem. What happens when the Spanish builder goes bankrupt can vary considerably depending upon whether the builder has arranged a bank guarantee...
The Spanish Notary
Monday, October 22, 2012
Not all countries have a notary to verify documents as they do in Spain. Here the Spanish notary is a very much respected individual whose office carries a clearly recognised ‘Notary’ sign and who...
The Lawsuit in Spain
Monday, October 22, 2012
When buying in Spain your aim is probably to spend more time in the Spanish sun. The last thing you want is to spend time tussling with Spanish litigation in the form of a lawsuit instead....

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