Water parks in Spain

Life in Spain Wed, 23 Jul 2014
Water parks in Spain

What happened to the day when a little paddle in the sea was more than enough? No longer a simple slide into the water or an inflatable dinghy, the Spanish water park experience has to get more and more thrilling to keep them coming.

Water parks in Spain are a good option during the hot, sunny days of summer. However steep the slide or severe the plummet, there is a real attraction in plunging into the water and out of the sun.   

In most places, they are a leisure activity exclusive to the summer months.  Water parks in Spain usually close for most of the year,   from October to June. Throughout the summer they are often very busy and if you have the whole week to choose from avoid the weekends or bank holidays when you will jostle with the locals too.

Making the most of your visit

Each water park is, of course, different and you should check details   before hand for the one you have in mind. However, here we identify some points you should note that are common to most.

Locker facility

Most water parks provide a locker facility where you can leave your valuables. This is a worthwhile option if you want to be able to enjoy the attractions together. Unless you want an excuse to be left behind, of course.

Eating arrangements

You can usually enjoy a proper meal if you want to in a Spanish water park and you’re not confined to burgers and bangers on the go. However, you will pay over the odds for this and should seriously consider taking a picnic as another option.

Most Spanish water parks are generously endowed with picnic areas. Some parks will check your picnic hamper for glass bottles and you are best to avoid bringing these if you are unsure of the rules. Some smaller parks with specialised catering facilities might be more resistant to bringing your own food at all and you need to check the details first.

Keeping safe

It goes without saying that suntan lotion is a priority. Shoulders are particularly vulnerable and it can be guaranteed that by the end of the day you will see a few smarting as they change back into ordinary clothes.

As with other theme parks, height restrictions apply and you should forewarn any younger members of your group what they will and won’t be able to take advantage of.

Before queuing and working your way to the top of your slide make sure you have taken off any jewellery. Rules vary but if you’re spotted with lots of ‘bling’ you are likely to be asked to remove it.

Plenty to choose from

There are a number of water parks in Spain of varying size and chances are there will be one that’s not too far from you.

For starters you might like to take a look at those venues that make ‘Eye On Spain’s’ Top 10 Water parks.

A new sports park

If your visitors are a little bit tired of all the usual theme and water parks – and what a lot of money you must have spent if they are - then you might be some of the first in the queue to visit a new sports theme park planned for Barcelona.

According to the Guardian the new park will open on Montjuïc hill near Barcelona city centre next year. The old Olympic Stadium will be upgraded and house the new facility which will enable people to test themselves through interactive digital technology. It isn’t exactly clear how this will work, but it does sound interesting.

Just how many lycra-clad individuals it will attract is hard to tell at this point. The proposed park is keen to emphasise that it is for all the family including those who don’t raise their heart rate too often.

It is an interesting concept, for those anxious to try this new sporting experience, let’s hope it does not join the sometime-never ranks of Murcia’s Paramount theme park.

More information

Sports theme park planned for Barcelona.


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