Free property inspection report

Free property report for non resident home owners in Spain

Our personalised report includes a free analysis of the status of your Spanish home and your tax situation.

This free service can provide you with the knowledge you need to make sure you are fully compliant with Spanish tax law and to help you find out more about the market value of your house in Spain. This Spanish property inspection report will be particularly useful for those planning to sell their property or who wish to ensure that it is problem-free when they bequeath it.

If you haven’t done so already, it is time to put your Spanish taxes in order. This Spanish property inspection report can help you to do that too.

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Know the market value of your Spanish property and the calculation of your non resident taxes for 2017

Information that is particulary important if you have plans to sell, bequeath your property or put in order your Spanish taxes.

Three reasons why you should sign-up for our free report:

Check the real value of your home
Get a real valuation of your property

Through official cadastral information and values on properties similar to your own.

Know what you have to pay
Calculation of your Spanish taxes

Your Spanish taxes will be calculated for this and previous years so that you know exactly how much is due. 

Get to know your fiscal status in Spain
Personalized report including your fiscal status in Spain

The report is personalised for you as a non-resident with property in Spain.

Key features of our Free Report:

The 31st December is the deadline for putting your non-resident property taxes in order
A study of your fiscal status in Spain:
  • Personalized and free analysis of your fiscal obligations
  • Calculation of your income tax for 2017 and previous years
  • Detailed explanation of how all calculations and data were obtained
Confirmation of the official data about your home:
  • Receive a complete cadastral report 
  • Including official cadastral maps
Calculation of the real value of your Spanish property:
  • The market value of your house
  • The value of neighbouring properties
  • Information on changing trends in m2 in your town and province

See an example here

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  • Free calculation of your Spanish Taxes
    Free calculation of your Spanish Taxes
    Free calculation of your Spanish Taxes
    Free calculation of your Spanish Taxes
    Free calculation of your Spanish Taxes