Do you pay rental tax in Spain?

Do you pay rental tax in Spain?

If you don't and if you have rented out your property in Spain during the last five years then expect to receive a letter from the Spanish Tax Authority.

A new campaign launched in July 2020 means that letters are being sent to people who have rented out their property but haven't paid the necessary taxes.

The letter warns property owners who rent out their homes in Spain that there will be severe penalties if their taxes aren't put in order.

Ábaco Advisers can help you avoid penalties quickly and easily.

We can help by:

  • 1. Carrying out a confidential, free and without obligation study of your tax situation in Spain.
  • 2. Informing you of how much tax there is to pay.
  • 3. Recommending the most economical way of putting your taxes in order.
  • 4. Offering our services at a very special price

Ábaco Advisers has been ensuring its 20,000 tax clients
are tax compliant and worry free since 1999

Make sure you comply with the rental tax laws in Spain

Our special offer:

50€* for each previous year tax declaration

*These prices include all owners and all houses.
VAT included. Offer valid until December 31, 2020.

Do you pay rental tax in Spain?

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