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Oh dear. I’m afraid this April issue of ‘The Word on the Street’ is rather late.  I shall blame IT because it won’t contradict me. Better late than never. We hope it will still help keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.

The Alhambra Palace - Granada

Energy Certificate clampdown

If you are selling your property or rent it out for more than four months as part of a new let, you need to have an Energy Efficiency Certificate.

You don’t only need to have one, it needs to be registered too. The authorities in the Valencian community are now coming down hard on property owners, estate agents and rental agencies who haven’t followed the proper procedures. This includes putting the EEC on the register.

Our article ‘Tightening up on energy efficiency’ explains in more detail what is happening and what you should do to avoid it creating problems for you.

Internet to order

Would you like to be a part-time internet user? If you are a non-resident and only come to Spain for part of the year you probably don’t want to commit to a permanent connection.

However, doing without the internet can be a real nuisance. We forget how much we’ve come to depend on, using it for online access to bank accounts, google, instant messaging even downloading boarding cards. You name it, it needs the internet.

So, we’re delighted that EasySpain has come up with a ‘pay as you go’ internet alternative. You can pre-book it just for the days/ weeks/ months you need it. They need not be consecutive either.

To find out more:

Scan the newspapers

If you like to browse through the papers  and have an assortment bookmarked then you might benefit from trying The Kiosk. It’s just what you would expect from a newspaper kiosk but the newspapers are all available online.  

Some of the papers, such as The Times require you to subscribe if you want to read the whole article. However, you can view most of the content of most of the papers for free.  

You can browse papers written in English but you can also access more local, Spanish newspapers too. The site also contains a list of top stories.

For UK newspapers:

For Swedish newspapers:

For Spanish newspapers:

Do you like a challenge?

Is the conventional marathon or triathlon just a little too mundane for you? If so, you might be interested in negotiating this obstacle course in Spain next year. BeliK Race is 10 km of assorted obstacles. You need to look at the photos though to really get a taste of what you’re up against in this event!


We know how much health care worries you... this is a pretty handy website for you to look at. ‘Healthcare in Spain’ is published by the Department of Health (UK) and provides a range of latest news and information about healthcare whether you are living in Spain or just visiting.

Much of the information it provides will  also be of use to other nationalities within the EU.

It gives clear information about entitlement to health care and how to apply. In fact, your rights around healthcare need never be a worry again.

World Heritage Sites

Spain has 44 Unesco world heritage sites. As such it rates as 3rd in the ranking for most sites following Italy (49) and China (45).

You can be a World Heritage Site for many different reasons. Some of the ones in Spain you may already know about include The Alhambra Palace in Granada, Burgos Cathedral and the Palmerals of Elche.

So it perhaps seems a little strange that one of the next applications to be a World Heritage Site has come from Benidorm. Apparently, they are applying on the basis of it being a sustainable and well-designed city and the ‘materialisation of the welfare state in action’.

However, don’t expect a definitive yes or no to it making the list any time soon. It could take as long as six years for the powers that be to make the decision.

To find out more about Spain’s World Heritage Sites:

On The Pulse Of Spain:

To read about Benidorm’s quest to be a heritage site:

To find out what The Local has identified as being the ten best world heritages sites in Spain:

Sunday 3rd May is mother’s day in Spain (Dia de la Madre)

If you live in Spain and have children it can be difficult to decide which ‘mother’s day’ you celebrate. Do you go for your home country’s or that of your adopted country?

Whatever you decide why not take the opportunity to look at MumAbroad’s Facebook page. It has some links to interesting article about the experience of being a mum abroad and having bilingual children. A good one to look at if you’re perhaps considering the move too.

For their website:

Summer 2016 for Corvera?

How many different dates have we had for the opening of Corvera airport? It’s no exaggeration to say that I’ve lost count. So another one to add to the list isn’t convincing anyone. What’s perhaps particularly sad is that San Javier is hardly running at full steam at the moment either. All power to Alicante it seems.

Murcia Today continues to follow the story:


Are you a mosquito magnet?

It might not be your perfume that’s attracting them after all. Some recent research suggests that some people get bitten more than others because of genetic factors. Apparently, the smell of your skin attracts particular types of bacteria that then attract particular types of mosquitoes.

If you want to know more try reading this article:

What’s your passport’s status?

Of course, any passport is a very valuable document – particularly if you live abroad. But it might surprise you to know that some passports have more ‘street cred’ than others. GoEuro have produced a league table of passports based upon the number of visa free countries your passport entitles to you enter.

To find out where your passport stands in the ranking:

Historic Quarter - Córdoba


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