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Welcome to the December issue of 'The Word on the Street'. Your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. In a couple of columns we hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.

Roscón de Reyes, Spain

The A to Z of bureaucracy in Spain

This is a really novel and informative way of listing in alphabetical order all those niggling requirements linked to owning a property in Spain. See how many of these you can tick as 'done that' at one time or another:

Apologies for another top ten

I made a promise to myself that there would be no more top ten features from The Local in this newsletter. And then they posted this one. I couldn't resist. There are plenty of points to debate in their 'Top Ten Reasons why Spain's Crisis is Invisible':

Keeping informed with On The Pulse

On The Pulse is a news and information site that helps keep Spanish property owners up-to-date. The site is sponsored by Ábaco and we invite you to take a look and sample this beneficial service.

For example, if you want the latest information for property owners about what's happening with electricity you might find this article of interest:

It's not all the serious stuff. Try reading the blog and find out who's been awarded Michelin stars in Spain:

Are you missing the snow?

Or perhaps you live in a part of Spain where there has already been some? Of course, many parts of Spain are very cold in the winter and experience at least some snow. There are only some coastal regions and further south that manage to avoid it completely.

If you do live in this part of the world and are missing the fluffy white stuff, you might like to visit the Christmas Snow Zone in Murcia's Barrio del Carmen. It includes winter toboggan rides, ice skating and its own snow mountain. You'll have to be quick though as this feature closes by three Kings (6th January)

Beaches of Pilar de La horadada

There is no doubt that Spain has more than its fair share of fabulous beaches. The only problem you might have is deciding which one to visit.

In this article, Valencia Today provide us with an overview of the beaches at Pilar de la horadada. It might not be sunbathing weather just yet, but a brisk stroll and a deserted beach at this time of year can be really invigorating, and not a bottle of sun tan oil in sight.


Your last chance

And ours too, to remind non-residents that the 31st December is the last date for making your non-resident tax declaration. If you are already a non-resident client then you have no need to worry as Ábaco will do this for you.

If not, please do make sure that you meet the deadline in order to avoid the possibility of fines and even a bank account embargo.

Online appointments at Tráfico

Changes at the Tráfico offices have received a warm welcome. Similar to the procedure at social security offices, you can now book an appointment online to cut down the waiting time that most of us have learnt to expect.

Appointments at Alicante, Murcia and Cartagena Tráfico can be made by phoning 060 or through the Tráfico webpage:

Full instructions for making your appointment online can be found at:

Corvera Airport

One of our favourite topics, we thought it was time for an update. For those eagerly waiting the opening of Corvera it might just add to the confusion to hear that a parking concession for the next five years has been awarded at San Javier. Not exactly the sign of an airport winding down then.

Murcia Today now have their own weekly Corvera airport news round-up. We can hardly argue with that!

A taste of Spain

Just in case you haven't already bought a Spanish cook book, you might like to refer to this article for a selection of ten of the most popular Spanish dishes, along with recipes. They are all classics and if you're a frequent visitor to Spain then it is likely that you've sampled a few of them already. Now, why not try your hand at cooking them?

Paella in Piccadilly

Oh dear, oh dear, our British non-resident readers will have to tell us if it really is this bad. The title says it all, 'Spanglish Atrocities - So-called 'Spanish food' in the UK. It's a very critical article that has a particular go at the supermarkets who are mass producing 'Spanish' dishes.

The author is certainly concerned about the preponderance of chorizo in the recipes for anything described as Spanish. Those of us here in Spain would like to know if this is your experience if you live in the UK and if you live elsewhere - how is Spanish food being interpreted by your supermarkets and in your restaurants?

Ten Cathedrals to visit

Perhaps visiting Spain's most spectacular Gothic cathedrals isn't to everyone's taste. However, just looking at the photos of this top ten collection (yes, another one) might be enough to wet the appetite.

If you are planning a visit to any of these Spanish towns and cities you might want to pencil in a visit to its cathedral. Even if you're not an enthusiast, the majesty and grandeur of these places is worth experiencing:


Nerja caves go down in history

If you find yourself either living or holidaying in the Costa del Sol than paying a visit to the caves in Nerja is a must.

The caves extend to almost five kilometres and are home to the world's largest stalagmite. This site includes a video of the caves and gives you a taster of what you might see if you visit them:

This site provides videos and a comprehensive virtual tour:

The caves are also now centre of international interest as it is suggested that they might provide evidence of some of the earliest writing. Cave paintings that include a large number of signs, could have been used as a primitive form of writing. To find out more:

A spot of skiing somewhere different

I had never heard of Baqueira- Beret in the Catalan Pyranees until seeing this video and reading this article on Spanish Property Insight. It certainly looks very pretty, and, as the article points out, it's now quite accessible from other countries. It's easy to forget how remote some of these areas must have been originally. To find out more:

More information about the adventure park 'Rafael de la Cerda'

We made reference in the last newsletter to this novel adventure park near Cartagena. Since then we've come across this rather interesting report from Murcia Today providing more details about it:

Spain on Film

Spain has a history of playing the film set for quite a diverse range of films. The Tabernas desert is well known for having featured in a number of different movies including the 'Magnificent Seven' and 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'.

Spain's popularity with the film industry seems to be continuing as it now hosts the movie Exodus. Filming started in Almeria Province and is now set to continue in Rodalquilar the Cabo de Gata. The film, about the life of Moses, will use the mines of Rodalquilar as its setting. The attraction for the directors is the town's old gold mine from which filming will take place.

Now it just remains…

To wish all our readers a very "Felices Fiestas" and a Happy New Year. Thank you for reading the newsletter in 2013 and we hope that you will continue to give it a glance in 2014.

Nerja Caves, Costa del Sol


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