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Welcome to the July issue of 'The Word on the Street'. Your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. In a couple of columns we hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.

Cadaques, Costa Brava

Newsletter of June

We apologise to our newsletter readers for the absence of a June issue. Unfortunately technical difficulties meant that this one slipped by. We are now back on form with our July issue.

10 tips for water safety

Beach safety has got off to a slow start this year with lifeguards surprisingly absent from the main beaches on Orihuela Costa until well into the summer season. With 155 people dying last year in Spain during July and August we have compiled our tips for keeping safe in the water. Why not share them with your visitors and friends, after reading them yourself of course:

We do want tourists to come… really

Although you might not want to contribute personally to an increase in tourist numbers, it is good news generally for Spain.

Apparently, it is forecast that there will be, in total, more than 64 million visitors to Spain in 2014. As long as they're not all staying at mine, that has to be a good thing:

8 reasons why Spain crashed out of the world cup

For many of us the world cup this year was something of a damp squib. But why did Spain do so badly?

Just in case you haven't had enough of football, you might like to read in English a Spanish paper's take on what happened to its champions:

Irish author to meet the Spanish King?

John Banville, has won the Prince of Asturias literature award. A little ironic given recent events as the Prince of Asturias was the title given to King Felipe VI when he was crown prince.

The Asturias Foundation awards prizes every year in eight different fields to those who they consider make a significant contribution to their field.

John Banville, 68, has written a variety of books including thrillers, screenplays, drama adaptations and literary criticism. Now it just remains to see who will hand him the award. With the prince recently crowned as king, it is unlikely that he will do this personally in October when the presentation is made:



More information about the new driving law

On the subject of the new driving laws, we realised since publishing our last article just how much confusion and concern there is. We've now tried to expand our original article to help answer your queries. However, we are still waiting for further information in the Spanish equivalent to the Highway Code:

Cyclists beware - put your helmet on!

With new driving laws now in place it looks as though the police are going to be more vigilant when it comes to checking up on helmet wearing by cyclists.

To find out the law as it currently stands and why some people object to it:

Do your visitors outstay their welcome?

It's all part of the learning curve if you live in Spain; how you cope with the trail of visitors who search you out once they know you're living somewhere warm and sunny.

The good news is that it does tend to drop off with the years and as inquisitiveness is satisfied. However, it can cause problems, particularly if you are still working.

This interesting article provides a good summary of the issues and some possible solutions:

How to get angry

Of course, we hope that you never need to get angry in Spain, but there is a slight possibility that you might, at some point, want to express yourself a little more strongly. It can also be useful to recognise when someone is perhaps not too happy with you either.

Here, The Local introduces us to 8 great phrases, so get practising:

Whilst we're dabbling in the language, I couldn't resist this either. Beckham's embarrassment at his Spanish speaking will be shared by many who will be able to empathise with him.

A balanced introduction to the Civil War

For those foreigners with a real interest in the history of Spain, understanding the Spanish Civil War feels like a near impossible task.

In case you wanted to know more but didn't dare ask, this article presents what seems to be a balanced and interesting account of some of the main issues for Spain past, present and future - it's worth a read:

Another article that examines not only Spain's approach to putting the civil war behind them, but that of other countries:


Top Ten water parks

When the heat is on, all you want to do is go for a dip. Sometimes though you have enough of the sea and sand and a water park can be a very refreshing alternative. It's also a good day out for those who want to be more active and aren't that keen on spending hours soaking up the sun.

Eye on Spain have come up with an interesting list of the best water parks in Spain, in case you'd like to explore a little too:

You might also like to read our article about how to make sure you enjoy your water park experience:

Festivals without the Wellingtons

Benicassim FIB might be over for another year but there are still plenty of music festivals to come. Why not take advantage of the fact that the weather is almost guaranteed and your main issue will be keeping cool rather than keeping dry.

For an overview of some of the best festivals in Spain and catering for a wide variety of musical taste:

Do you like your Flamenco to have a a little twist?

This is an interesting article about Flamenco Fusion and the ways in which the more traditional Flamenco is being adapted to incorporate other types of Music.

What brings this article to life are the links to YouTube - worth exploring:

Bankinter information

For your information. If you bank with Bankinter and you receive a letter asking for documentation to prevent your account being blocked you should call 902 888 835 and you can receive information in English. If you are a client we will be happy to find out more on your behalf.

50 facts about Spain

Sounds a little tedious - it's not! A fascinating range of facts to impress your Spanish and not-so-Spanish friends with:

Waterpark in the Costa Blanca


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