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Welcome to the March issue of 'The Word on the Street'. Your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. In a couple of columns we hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.

Palm Sunday,
Easter in Elche, Alicante

30 facts about Spain

How many of these were you aware of? Expatica has produced a list of 30 facts about Spain. It provides an interesting collection of general knowledge - enough material for your own Pub Quiz! Did you know that nudity is legal here?:

Restrictions on term time holidays increase

New regulations in the UK are making it even more expensive for people with school-age children to visit Spain. Changes to attendance legislation mean that headteachers in the UK can only give permission for term-time absence in exceptional circumstances.

With the continued hike in prices of flights, rentals and package deals during the school holidays, some families are being priced out of a foreign holiday or trip abroad. Other are taking the risk and incurring fines. To find out more:

What kind of an expat are you?

We noticed how much you enjoyed comparing yourselves to The Local's 'What kind of an expat are you?' in our last newsletter.

We thought we'd take it one stage further with a few little questions to find out what kind of an expat you are. Why not try our quiz?:

Change of name for Aguagest

If you have your water provided by Aguagest you should be aware that they have changed their name to Hidraqua. When you receive your water bill it will contain the name Hidraqua instead of Aguagest.

Fabulous views of Spain

A day-by-day account of the weather along with stunning photos of the region.

Even if you don't live in Torrevieja you might enjoy having a daily insight into the weather in this part of Spain. Some of these photos will definitely get you in the mood for your holiday if you are a non-resident. If you are a resident, enjoy basking in the beauty of the country you've chosen to live in.

El tiempo en Torrevieja can be viewed at:

It's even better if you 'like' it on Facebook:

You will get daily updates of the weather and at least one (usually spectacular) photo to go with it.

Spanish Oscar Secrets - from The Local

The Oscars might not be recommended viewing in their entirety, being famous for long speeches and slow delivery. However, The Local have given us a series of slides showing Spanish Oscar Secrets that is recommended viewing:


'Tax, tea and travel' Finding out about resident taxes, inheritance and Imserso

Thanks to everyone who took the opportunity to meet up with us at our 'Tax, Tea and Travel' events.

We ran three events around the region. The first in Algorfa:

The second in La Zenia:

The third in Mazarrón:

At each event, Ábaco experts went out into the community to answer your questions about tax, inheritance and to help you apply for Imserso, the subsidised Spanish holiday programme.

If you weren't able to attend these, we do have another event planned in Fortuna on the 8th April from 11.00 until 1.00 at the Cafe Teatro, Leana Balneario in Fortuna, Murcia. If you would like to attend please contact Jane on 96 670 3748 or visit our website:

Abaco Ayuda - helping the community

The recession in Spain has impacted particularly badly on the neediest and most vulnerable. Many unemployed adults have a family to support. The welfare system is not as generous as it is in some other parts of Europe.

Abaco Ayuda (Help) was created in order to do something about the difficult circumstances that many families, and consequently children, find themselves in.

We have chosen to focus on projects and appeals that relate specifically to children. If you would like to know more about how you can contribute (and we are looking for all different types of contributions) then visit our Ábaco Ayuda website:

Get your card here

We've publicised Spain's transplant record in the newsletter before. Now's your chance if you are resident here to make it even better. You can apply for a free organ donation card and register as an organ donor on the website:

It is quite a simple process that allows you to receive a card to download immediately.

Scandinavians are restoring Galicia

This is a rather interesting, short article from Spanish Property Report. Alongside being famous for the best seafood, stunning countryside and a reasonable cost of living, Galician ruins are apparently being bought and restored by Scandinavians:

Update on Corvera Airport

It's all gone quiet on Corvera. With good reason. The airport's projected opening time (yes, another one) of September 2014, unsurprisingly is likely not to be met. So the story goes on and the deadlines continue. Murcia Today once more provides a good summary of the situation to date but with no end in sight:

Have you had a traffic fine recently?

The word is, that they are on the increase. This item from Money Saver Spain might be useful, just in case…



Want to know more about Easter in Spain?

A new magazine contains a detailed account of Semana Santa. Torrevieja Outlook provides lots of background information about the Easter celebrations in Spain as well as other interesting items about the local area. There is so much detail in here you have to pinch yourself to remember that it is free!

The authors are wanting feedback about their magazine. If you have an opinion why not let them know?

Touring bands in Spain

Would you like to see a band play live this year? Then Murcia Today has done the work for you. At least in sourcing those with plans to play in Spain. There's quite a variety too with something for everyone. Those playing include: Iron Maiden, Rolling Stones - possibly, James Arthur, Pet Shop Boys, Lady Gaga, Bryan Ferry and the Stranglers, Robert Plant, Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé

To find out more:

Getting your Valencian paella right

What is authentic Valencian Paella? This article goes into some depth but does provide lots of tasty looking photos and, best of all is the Paella Hall of Shame at the end of the article. That's two consecutive newsletters that Gordon Ramsay has featured in now:

What are your best beaches?

It's the right time of year to be talking about beaches in Spain. As we move into Spring the weather is starting to warm up, although it hardly feels as though there has been a winter in Spain this year at all.

This report from On The Pulse really gets us in the mood for sandy beaches. It includes a list of the best beaches in Europe as registered by TripAdvisor. Four of them are in Spain:

Top ten coolest hotels

And we're not talking about the quality of the air conditioning here. These are all places to stay that have a very distinctive style and should give you quite a thrill to be pictured in them. Once more, it's The Local that brings them to us.

Which one takes your fancy? Take a look, select a preference and dream:

Wild glimpses

The title in itself makes you want to take a look. This series of videos are perfect to schedule when you have a little time to admire the beauty of nature. 'Spanish birds' is the one that drew me to them. Relax, turn down the lights and enjoy:

Ses Illetes beach, Formentera
Balearic Islands


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