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Welcome to the May issue of 'The Word on the Street'. Your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. In a couple of columns we hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.

Natural park of Cabo de Gata, Almería, Spain

Checking out your rights

When in another country you can sometimes feel powerless to complain when things go wrong. However, if people don't complain how will anything change?

Money Saver Spain recently advertised in their newsletter The European Consumer Centre in Spain. It's in English and includes your consumer rights in relation to air transport, car rental, e-commerce and scams. We thought it was worth passing on to you:

Perhaps a little bizarrely the website also contains advice about travelling to Brazil for the World Cup. If you were thinking about seeing the matches first hand then here is the advice for you:

Duties of children

How far should or can the state legislate? The inclusion of household chores as a duty for children in Spain has received much international media attention. It is hard to see, however, how any law such as this could be enforced in any real way.

Helping with the housework is perhaps the least important element of the new law. It also introduces safeguarding checks on people working with children. This is already a high priority and established practice in many other countries. You can find out more details:

Advice about moving abroad

It's usually us who are giving it so it makes a change to read someone else's version of how to make a successful move from your home country. It's not just about moving to Spain and it is interesting to see how similar it is in other countries too:

Did you see the One-Show?

The One Show is a BBC programme and the issue broadcast earlier in May investigated why ex-pats are leaving Spain. This programme focused around the news that 90,000 British people had left the country:

We've got our own thoughts about this too. We'd love to hear yours:


Driving laws in Spain

This seems to be a topic that is really concerning people. New driving laws are being introduced that it is important to be aware of.

We've summarised some of the most important points but realise there is still a lot of detail that's missing. Hopefully this will become clearer in time and before the fines are handed out:

In addition we are very grateful to Graham Shelton for his entertaining article, now published on our Spain Explained website. There was lots of information about driving in Spain that I wasn't aware of:

Taking a good look at ourselves

In the past few newsletters we've encouraged dialogue around the kind of expat we are. In this blog post by Tamara, she encourages us to recognise that somewhere, for all of us, was the desire to chase the sun, however we might deny it.

It's a well-written and thought-provoking article and one that has tempted me to read up on 'Ernest' for myself:

How lucky we are

Have you ever been fed up with Spanish bureaucracy? Felt sorry for yourself for the hurdles they seem to put in your way? Read this and bask too in the good fortune we all share and never moan again…:

How did Spain vote in the European elections?

Whether you live here or not, the political choices that the Spanish people make will have an impact on your property. You might be interested to find out how they voted this time round in the European elections.

This link provides a commentary on the statistics that show a drop away from the main two parties and some interesting newcomers:

For the full results for Spain and other European countries:


Top 10 smartest cities in Europe

Another list, this time conducted by American magazine Fast Company (who?). We might not know exactly how the top ten was decided on, but it always makes interesting reading. Which Spanish city, if any, do you think might feature? To find out the answer:


The choir boys are coming!

'Los Chicos del Coro' are the renowned choir boys from Saint-Marc in Lyon who took part in the film 'Les Choristes' or 'The Chorus'. And they can sing! You can listen to the official video:

Or watch the trailer for the film they stared in:

If you would like to hear them for yourself they are performing on the 13th June at 9.30 pm in the Auditorio in Torrevieja. Prices ranges from 15€ to 30€ and proceeds will go towards ALPE children's charity and End Polio Now.

You can buy the tickets in Torrevieja from the theatre ticket box, the Hotel Madrid, Bricolaje Fil, Valpercan, BP Gasolinera, Restaurante Chinatown Okendo or through 'Instant Ticket' (902 444 300)

Advice from Alicante

Alicante has produced their own selection of guides to provide advice in English to foreigners living in the region. A number of different issues are covered including property, social services, Spanish residence and taxes.

In addition they've journeyed into some more difficult topics. 'Children exposed to gender violence' and 'Welfare rights for victims of gender-based violence' are two guides that provide detailed advice and information. The guides are available at:

Looking for a 'like' for Facebook?

If you do like populating your newsfeed with information about Spain then I recommend 'Brits living in Spain':

Their Facebook feeds include information, advice, warnings and snippets of news.

Dismantling Corvera?

Well perhaps not exactly but someone at least is starting to make use of it.

Thieves have apparently helped themselves to this unused facility in a way that nobody else seems to want to:

Stuck for a present?

Webflowers Costa Blanca are advertising some lovely flower arrangements that they will deliver within the local region.

They deliver around the Costa Blanca (as you would expect from the name!) and charge slightly differently depending on location. It's free delivery in La Nucía and Polop.


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