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News and information from Spain
International Edition - April 2020
Welcome to the April issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
What’s happening in Spain
What’s happening in Spain

It’s at times like these that everyone wants to know where to find accurate and objective information. It can be particularly difficult when Spanish is not your native language. So, we’re delighted to introduce you to Spain Speaks. Stuart records regular bulletins from his home to keep us updated on the national news and what people are commenting about it.

Every Friday we summarise the content of two of his broadcasts and invite you to watch them for yourself:

Keep busy and in touch with ÁbacoClub
Keep busy and in touch with ÁbacoClub

In these unusual times it’s good to keep in touch. Each in our own house, it can feel like no one is really out there. Not so! Ábaco Club has been busy (safely busy!) preparing some videos that we’ve put on YouTube for you to enjoy.

With time on your hands why not watch one of these ÁbacoClub videos made especially for you.

For the budding chef

Food is one of the pleasures we’re not being denied at the moment. So, let’s make the most of it. Sofia from ÁbacoClub shows us how to make some healthy meals including roasted turkey breast, Sofia’s special salad, turkey sandwich and the traditional mayonnaise.

Show Cooking - Healthy recipes at home

In this video Sofia shows us how we can make tacos. Sofia spent some time when she was younger living in Arizona, close to the border with Mexico. It’s an easy recipe that Sofia shares with us and she takes us through it step by step. The tortitas are made from scratch and we’re given a special recipe too for taco sauce and guacamole. Delicious!

Show Cooking - Tacos

Improve your Spanish

In this video, our bilingual Sofia introduces us to some of the language we might need when going to a Spanish restaurant. In slow Spanish she encourages us to repeat and remember. You can also download the cheat sheet which includes a number of useful phrases for you to practise at home. So when the restaurants are open again, you’ll be ready!

Spanish Conversation - Go to a Restaurant

Stretch and keep mobile

Keeping mobile can be a challenge when you’re stuck inside. Sofia takes us through her gentle workout from the safety of her home. She shows us how to control our breathing, stretch and maintain flexibility.

Stretching and Mobility Workshop

We have plans to keep the videos coming and would welcome any suggestions you might have. Remember you can also catch up with our latest by visiting ÁbacoClub’s Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter or our YouTube channel, of course. Keep in touch!
The ÁbacoClub Magazine is here!
The ÁbacoClub Magazine is here!

Finally, the dream became a reality. The brand new ÁbacoClub Magazine is now on the shelves – well, not quite. Unfortunately the printed version is having to wait a little while because of you-know-what. However, the online version is ready to read.

It’s different to our established Ábaco Magazine which has been with us for 40 issues. The new kid on the block is packed full of articles designed to help you enjoy Spain just that little bit more. The emphasis is on leisure, interesting destinations, gastronomy and recreation.

We know you can’t exactly rush out of the door just now to try out some of the wonderful spas, golf courses and rural wonders we tell you about. However, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy a little dreaming and maybe even start planning which of the wineries or local markets you’re going to try out first.

With time on our hands it’s the perfect opportunity to browse through the ÁbacoClub Magazine and brush up on your knowledge of the riches of Spain.

You can see and download the ÁbacoClub Magazine at this link:

ÁbacoClub Magazine
Why the British will be back
Why the British will be back

These 20 reasons were first published in The Telegraph and the Spanish paper ABC translated them into Spanish. Not to be outdone, we have our own version of 20 reasons why the British won’t be able to stay away from Spain. Whether you are in Spain or just waiting for the opportunity to return, it does no harm to dream a little and reflect:

Your home on the Costa Blanca

As the de-escalation phases of the lockdown set in we can begin to look to the future. In this video we are reminded of just how beautiful the Costa Blanca is and how lucky people are to own a home here.

Tips for going cashless

With some banks closed and concerns about handling paper money, this article from Money Saver Spain provides us with some tips for moving towards a cashless society:

Book recommendations
Book recommendations

Again from Money Saver Spain, here are some suggestions for ways in which you might fill the lockdown hours. You might want to follow their recommendations for Spanish history books, books about food, language, and, of course, some fiction books too:

First hand accounts from all over Europe
First hand accounts from all over Europe

The Local online newsletter and website isn’t only based in Spain. In this long article, reporters tell us of their experiences in different European countries. We hear from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and France. There are some interesting insights into the preoccupations of foreigners living in these different countries:

Some good news from Spain
Some good news from Spain

At last the children are allowed to go out. It’s been tough for everybody in Spain with one of the strictest lockdowns in the world. However, the continued confinement of children had become too controversial to continue. From Sunday 26th April, children were finally allowed out for an hour within a 1km range of their home and with an adult. It also happened to be a beautiful day:

'We're going out!': Spanish kids reclaim streets after weeks indoors
Easing the lockdown across Europe
Easing the lockdown across Europe

In this Guardian article we hear how different countries are relaxing their restrictions. Although in most countries most people have been prepared to follow lockdown requirements and have accepted the situation, this isn’t true of everywhere. In Germany there has been a growing move to hasten the speed of the lockdown relaxation:

Madrid’s emergency ambulance crews
Madrid’s emergency ambulance crews

It can be difficult to imagine the seriousness of this disease when you’re stuck at home. The bulging hospital wards and stretched health service seem very distant from our individual experiences. If you’re working in these environment, of course, it’s a different matter.

This Guardian article brings home the day-to-day lives of those working on the frontline. Madrid’s emergency ambulance crews share with us something of what it feels like to be out there and in the middle of it:

24 hours with Madrid's emergency ambulance crews

This article from El País also provides a first hand account of the experience of doctors and medics in Madrid:

Moving to Spain

You've had plenty of time to think about it. It might have been a dream for a while but during the long lockdown hours you might be firming up your intention to move to Spain. If you are, or are just interested in what it would mean if you did, then you should read this article by David Ruiz. 

He explains what the main considerations must be and how important it is to use professional people to help you. More than ever, our enforced reliance on the internet has been offering up opportunities for scammers, trolls and the ill-informed. Take David's advice and find out from someone who knows:

What interests you?
What interests you?
We would welcome any suggestions for future themes you would like us to cover either in the newsletter or in an article on Spain Explained.

Please let us know by email at newsletter@abacoadvisers.com.

Thank you!
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