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News and information from Spain
International Edition - August 2018
Welcome to the August issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
Have you got the correct planning permission?

It can come as something of a surprise to discover that even small building works require planning permission in Spain. In this article, Jessica Martínez from our legal department, describes some of the situations that people can find themselves in and why it’s important that you have the correct documents in place:

Improve your property, buy legally
Is my property ready to sell?

What exactly is the habitation certificate and do I really need one to sell my property? This is one of the questions we answer in our article about getting your property ready for the real estate market. You are likely to have most documents that you need already, but this article will help you ensure that there are no hold-ups when it comes to closing the deal:

Should I make a Spanish will?

It’s a question we’re frequently asked by both residents and non-residents with property in Spain. The inheritance laws are different here and it is advisable to consider carefully the benefits of making a will in Spain. This question and answer article, should help you make the decision:

Cost of living in Spain

Numbeo is an interesting website that provides a cost comparison of the overall cost of living and rent in Spain. It also has many other items listed including transportation and utilities. It provides a general guide but you can also enter a particular town and ask it to be compared with another. Well worth a look:

Ryanair’s hand luggage charges explained

We can’t be the only ones who are exasperated by the fact that Ryanair are to introduce new charges on 1st November. This article in Murcia Today explains what it might mean for you:

In another article in Murcia Today we are reminded that Ryanair is still Spain’s favourite airline:

Good news for Airbnb

The opportunity to rent property through Airbnb has put the accommodation website on the front pages and not all of the news has been good. Stories about tax evasion and escalating rents for local people have been in the headlines. Now El País in English describes a report from Spain that Airbnb is perhaps not to blame and, in fact, has lots of benefits:

Geri Halliwell has Spanish roots

This former member of the Spice Girls isn’t the only celebrity whose origins can be traced back to Spanish soil. Most of them will surprise you as a change of name has often left their Spanish identity disguised:

IKEA’s base in Torrevieja

If you’re a fan of the furniture giant then you might be interested to hear that you don’t have to travel to Murcia any longer for all its services. An outlet for the store is now available in the Habaneras Shopping Centre. The Costa Daily website tells us more about the new development and reminds us of the other shopping opportunities at the commercial centre:

The wolf man’s story

If you have time, this is the very interesting story of a man who, abandoned as a child, grew up in the wild. It’s an interesting read partly because it also reminds us of the poverty that there was in Spain during this period:
Judi Dench to receive Spanish award

The Local describes her as a screen legend and looking at a list of her most famous roles it’s easy to see why. For many, it will be her part in the James Bond movies as M that will first come to mind. Now, the 83-year-old actress will collect another award to add to the list:

Ten rules for living in Spain

No, this isn’t an Ábaco article about your legal and tax obligations. Instead it’s a light-hearted look at the ‘commandments’ you should follow if you decide to make Spain your home:

Don’t buy adopt!

Wherever you live in Spain there will be an animal shelter somewhere close. These shelters are desperate for people to adopt the dogs and cats that are left there.

In Torrevieja, the shelter is very active and the dogs have recently been taken to local summer schools and commercial centres to raise awareness. On their Facebook page you can see many of their latest activities and the people who have donated food and other items to help them out:

What interests you?

We would welcome any suggestions for future themes you would like us to cover either in the newsletter or in an article on Spain Explained.

Please let us know by email at newsletter@abacoadvisers.com.

Thank you!
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