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The Word on BREXIT Edition - July 2016

The Word On Brexit

The first issue of a monthly bulletin from Spain that aims to keep you informed of developments following the UK referendum.

If you have property in Spain or if you’re just thinking about it, we know how concerned you are about what the impact of BREXIT might be. Rather than hijacking our regular monthly issue of the newsletter we have decided to publish a separate monthly bulletin on this subject alone.This will provide you with up-to-date information from Spain about the fallout from the referendum decision.

It will follow a similar format to our usual newsletter with introductions to useful links that we’ve found. We will also dedicate a section to how Brexit is being covered in the Spanish press.

Following BREXIT - advice for British nationals

The government has created a new webpage on their site aimed at addressing any issues as they emerge. At the moment it doesn’t say very much as there is very little that anyone knows. Their summary is ‘there will be no immediate changes’. If you want to see for yourself:

Some reassurance from the Valle del Almanzora

It’s good to read that the authorities in some parts of Spain are showing solidarity with their British residents. In this case the mayor of Zurgena:

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Implications for inheritance and donation tax

It will take some time for us to know the extent of the implications of Brexit. However, there are measures that some of us could be taking now:

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Citizens Advice Bureau in Spain

The Citizens Advice Bureau in Spain is one source of information on how the BREXIT news is affecting British people living in and visiting Spain. You can listen to the founder of CAB Myra Azzopardi Swainson’s interview on Talk Radio Europe:

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Golden Spanish Visa

Of course, we know that money can buy you anything and it can buy the very richest Spanish residency too. Whilst those of us with more modest incomes might continue to fret about our future in Spain, for some there shouldn’t be a problem.

Lawyer Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt tells us about a new tax scheme that could mean a welcome for wealthy expats is guaranteed:

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What’s happening in Gibraltar

The situation in Gibraltar could make a significant difference to any arrangements between the UK and Spain in relation to the terms and conditions for their respective nationals. There have already been rumblings of more trouble between the Gibraltar authorities and the Spanish police. The Sovereignty issue will not go away.

Fabian Picardo, Chief Minister of Gibraltar, has joined those calling for another referendum:

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And Government Minister, David Lidington, told Fabian Picardo that Gibraltar will be fully involved in the negotiations surrounding exit:

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The link above also leads to Spanish News Today’s ‘Latest Brexit News’.

Seven burning questions

Although concerns about health care, driving licences and pensions are nothing new in the debate, The Local does cover a few more areas that you might not have considered already:

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