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International Edition - December 2023
Welcome to the December issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
The best places to live in Spain for families
Something new for 2024

Are you looking for a new adventure in 2024? We’ve found some articles on our website for if you’re thinking about perhaps buying a holiday home or even living in Spain.

Here’s one for if you’re a family looking for the best place in Spain to live. There are suggestions for beach-loving families, if you prefer big city life or already have a specific city you’d like to live in such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Málaga, Seville or Northern Spain:

Perhaps you’re thinking about retiring:

Why not retire to Spain?

And if you’re wondering how much it all might cost:

What is the cost of buying property in Spain?
Protect your property from squatters in Spain
Protect your property from squatters

It is a concern for those with a holiday home in Spain and although relatively rare, it does happen. Here we introduce you to some ways you can help protect your property from unwelcome visitors:

Protect your property from squatters in Spain
Living in Torrevieja Spain: The Definitive Guide
Destination - Torrevieja

Our main office is located in Torrevieja and many of our clients have homes here too. But if you’re not familiar with the town then David Ruiz introduces you to its history, weather, culture, gastronomy, the cost of living, attractions and beaches.

Torrevieja is a totally cosmopolitan town and we would recommend you taking a look if you are searching for either a holiday home or a place to live:

Living in San Javier Spain: The Definitive Guide
San Javier

Another very popular Spanish town is San Javier in the Costa Cálida. David Ruiz shares with us some of the important architecture to see as well as some very specific features such as the Spanish Air Force Academy and the Parish Church of San Francisco Javier:

ÁbacoClub Facebook Page
ÁbacoClub update

This was our last event of 2023 and, of course, we had to go out with a good one. On December 15th we held our annual Christmas Brunch at Makai Café in La Zenia. This is one of our favourite venues and once again, we were not disappointed. It wasn’t only about enjoying the delicious food they serve there, but also an opportunity to exchange gifts.

ÁbacoClub is about living your best life but we also want to help you make friends and new acquaintances. Many of you will have come to Spain leaving family and friends behind. Here, at ÁbacoClub, there is an opportunity to make new ones. Keep abreast of what we’re doing on our Facebook page:

Guide To Spain’s Golden Residency Visa
Spain’s golden visa explained

The golden visa is one way of being able to make Spain your home. However, be warned, you need to have significant resources to be in the running. In this article from Health Plan Spain, they explain what you need to get one, how long it lasts and what the benefits are:

Guide To Spain’s Golden Residency Visa
Prórroga de Estancia: How Brits And Third-Country Nationals Can Stay In Spain For Longer Than 90 Days
The 90-day rule – are there exceptions?

There are, and this article explains who and why you might qualify for a prórroga de Estancia. It can be applied for humanitarian, family, public interest, or on medical grounds, but is difficult to come by. As you might expect, a range of documentation is needed along with proof that you are intending to return e.g. confirmation of a flight booking:

Prórroga de Estancia: How Brits And Third-Country Nationals Can Stay In Spain For Longer Than 90 Days 
What Happens at an Alcohol or Drugs Check in Spain
`tis the season – advice from the N332

Many of us like a tipple for New Year which is fine, but not combined with driving. In this article the N332 police officers provide some information about breathalysing in Spain:

Tenant or landlord: Who pays which costs in Spain?
Who pays the cost? Tenant or landlord

The Local is a website which offers interesting articles about Spain to their paying members, this one though is not only informative but it is also free to access by all.
Here they describe the different costs that are associated with landlords and their tenants. Who should pay the council tax, for example? This article explains what the law says but also, in the end, that contract is king:

Shane Macgowan And His Strange Obsession With Spain
Shane MacGowan and Spain

Shane MacGowan’s death before Christmas brought a surge of support for his classic Christmas song, ‘Fairytale of New York’. Whether you like his brand of music or not, you might be interested to read about his love for Spain. Murcia Today tells us about it:

These are the four locations in Spain battling it out for honour of tallest Christmas tree in the country
Who won the battle for the tallest Christmas tree?

There’s been a rather unusual contest going on in Spain over the past couple of months. Which city can produce the tallest Christmas tree?

Sevilla Town’s Unique Approach To Speed Control
Watch out for emoticons!

You might be asking what an emoticon is. Well, it is the new approach to trying to encourage responsible driving. Drive at the correct speed and street-side screens will flash a green, smiling emoticon, too fast and you’ll get the red sad face. This article tells us about the thinking behind this new approach being used in Sevilla but if you live in Torrevieja you might have noticed them here too. What do you think?

Sevilla Town’s Unique Approach To Speed Control
Spain’s huge Christmas lottery ‘El Gordo’ showers winners with millions in prize money
And the winner is...

Did you buy a ticket for ‘El Gordo’ Spain’s biggest national lottery at Christmas time? Of course, we all know that someone has to win but was it you? To find out more about this much celebrated chance to be a millionaire you can read this informative article:

Spain’s Imperial Eagle Soars Back From Brink Of Extinction
Good news about the Imperial Eagle

They were on the brink of extinction but now the Spanish Imperial Eagle is making a modest come back. EuroWeekly tells us about it:

Spain’s Imperial Eagle Soars Back From Brink Of Extinction
Spain’s Top Ten Cathedral Marvels
Which Spanish cathedrals have you visited?

You really are spoilt for choice. Cathedrals and churches, many of which have also been mosques at different times, can be found all over the country. Every little town and village usually has its own church, many sporting a variety of different artwork. Now, here is a list of top ten cathedral marvels. Which ones have you visited and do you agree with this selection?

Spain’s Top Ten Cathedral Marvels
New Year's Eve in Spain
Happy new year

To all our clients, old, new and potential – we take this opportunity from Ábaco Advisers to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year 2024. Don’t forget to celebrate in style and perhaps try a little of the Spanish traditional way of counting in the chimes:

New Year's Eve in Spain
What interests you?
What interests you?

We would welcome any suggestions for future themes you would like us to cover either in the newsletter or in an article on Spain Explained.

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