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International Edition - February 2023
Welcome to the February issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
Getting ready for the Spanish 720
The deadline is approaching!

Time is quickly running out for 720 asset declaration form presentation. This is the form on which you must let the Spanish Tax Authority know if you have assets in another country totalling more than €50,000. You only need to present it once unless your situation changes. The deadline is 31st March each year and to check whether you should present one or are due to re-present we have several articles on the subject.

To read about the different asset categories:

To find out what you need to make your declaration depending on the type of asset you are declaring:

What you need to complete the Spanish 720 asset declaration form

To find out if you need to update your form:

Making a resident tax declaration in Spain
The resident tax declaration form

If you are a resident in Spain then it is very likely that you will need to complete a resident tax declaration form by the end of June. Although this can seem a little distant from now, most fiscal representatives begin the process in April. If you haven’t completed one before you should check whether you are eligible this year and what you need to present if you are.

This article provides information about the process and who is required to complete one:

Making a resident tax declaration in Spain
Renting in Spain – the tax implications
Rental tax declarations

Rental tax payments are made quarterly and we are now approaching the end of the first quarter of 2023. If you rent out a property in Spain, whether you are a resident or a non-resident, then you must declare the income you receive. The 1st quarter includes rental income for January, February and March and the tax is payable before 20th April. To find out more information about rental tax and your obligations read this article:

Renting in Spain – the tax implications
Living in Orihuela Costa Spain: The Definitive Guide
Discover Orihuela Costa

Just up the road from Torrevieja, we are blessed with the amazing coastline of the Orihuela Costa and its beautiful beaches. In this article, David Ruiz, explains more
about the different areas that comprise this part of the coast and introduces us to what we can see and do there:

Living in Orihuela Costa Spain: The Definitive Guide
Reporting crimes electronically
Reporting crimes electronically

Most of us have had to make that dreaded trip to the Guardia Civil barracks at some time or another to make a ‘denuncia’. If you are still luckily unaware of what this is, it’s the method used in Spain to report a crime. It’s a stressful process and one that you’ll be delighted to hear, is no longer necessary in person. The N332 have recently publicised the fact that you can now denounce electronically.

This is the direct link to the site:

A reminder that the N332 have a useful and engaging web page of their own with lots of information about Spanish traffic law but also general articles about living in Spain and healthcare:
Help Vega Baja Facebook Page
Help Vega Baja

On Tuesday 7th March HELP VEGA BAJA will be at the Social Centre, Marina-Oasis in San Fulgencio from 11am until 1pm to provide information about how their services might be of benefit to you:

Spanish airports to ditch carry-on liquid restrictions by 2024
Changes to airport restrictions

How many times have you had to leave a liquid behind at the airport? Restrictions on liquids when flying have been in place for many years now. However, it looks as though in 2024 (yes, it’s still not happening yet) we might be able to walk through with our liquids intact:

Brits in Spain Facebook Page
Driving licence update

Brits in Spain has provided an update on the driving licence situation on their Facebook page:

It’s still a waiting game but a solution could be getting closer.
How to get to Torrevieja from the Alicante airport
Getting the bus from the airport

If you regularly fly to Alicante airport then you might want to watch this video and consider taking a bus from the airport to your final destination. It shows you where the bus stops are and which towns and cities they link the airport with. With an offer on currently, it really is incredible value:

How low will house prices go? Lessons from UK, US, Europe and elsewhere
Keeping an eye on house prices

If you’re interested in the ups and downs of the housing market then you might like to read this article. It provides a summary of different countries across the world and
just how far the price of properties is falling in these locations:

How low will house prices go? Lessons from UK, US, Europe and elsewhere
The digital nomad option
The digital nomad option

For those people seeking residency in Spain then the new special digital nomad visa might be an option. It is aimed at those people who work remotely and wish to live in Spain whilst they do so. The visa is aimed at third-country nationals or those countries not within the EU and can allow a person to stay in Spain for up to 5 years. There are conditions, as you might expect. The main one being that you must be able to show that you are working remotely and predominantly for a company outside Spain.

To find out more about the opportunities this new visa provides:

FAQ guide to the new digital nomad visa in Spain

To find out more about the visa if you are a US Citizen:

The N332 site has also recently posted information about the visa and invites you to register with them if you would like to receive more in future:

DGT environmental quality seal
How to obtain your vehicle environmental quality seal

The DGT (Spanish Traffic Department) environmental quality seal is a sticker that quickly identifies the most eco-friendly vehicles. It is voluntary, but we recommend having one as many Spanish cities have already introduced a charge against vehicles that do not qualify for this quality seal.
Correos, the Spanish post office, are advertising their authority to issue the DGT sticker. You can obtain one directly from the post office or you can apply online. For more information about this:

How do you take your coffee?
How do you take your coffee?

If you’re new to Spain you might be surprised by the number of different ways in which the Spanish like to take their coffee. Tea might not be a popular beverage but coffee certainly is and there is one style of coffee for every occasion. Here are a couple of articles that introduce you to the different types of coffee you can order in Spain:

9 Essential Ways to Order Coffee in Spain

How to order a coffee in Spanish – A quick guide

So where should you enjoy your coffee? Wherever you are in Spain there will be more than a modest selection of cafés to choose from. Every bar and restaurant, however small, has a coffee machine and you can hear the sound of it gurgling as soon as you enter the building. Here, however, El País has selected 20 very special coffee shops where coffee connoisseurs can enjoy their coffee surrounded by some of the best architecture and tempted by some of the best cakes:

From Vienna to Buenos Aires: Café hopping in 20 cities around the world
Euro Tour Guide Spain Facebook Page
Book your place

Would you like to experience the Valencia Fallas first hand or enjoy an organised trip to Novelda? Visit EuroTourGuide Spain’s Facebook site to find out what’s coming up and to book your place:

What interests you?
What interests you?

We would welcome any suggestions for future themes you would like us to cover either in the newsletter or in an article on Spain Explained.

Please let us know by email at

Thank you!
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