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International Edition - January 2023
Welcome to the January issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
How long does it take to buy a house in Spain?
How long does it take to buy a house in Spain?

That’s the question we’re often faced with in our offices. Perhaps you have found your ideal property and are anxious to see the sale through before the summer. The fact is that the process, when it goes smoothly, can leave you taking possession of your keys earlier than you might think. However, what is vital is that the process is done correctly with all the right checks to ensure you don’t have any unwelcome surprises in the future:

Changes to property transfer tax – New reference value in Spain
Property tax changes

When a property is transferred from one owner to another in Spain then there will be a property tax to pay. How much this is depends upon several different factors including the value given to your property. A change in tax law means that there is a new ‘valor de referencia del inmueble’ which might affect how much transfer tax you or your inheritors, will be required to pay:

Think twice before changing your home insurance
The thorny subject of insurance

We can all have our moans and groans about the way that insurance works. However, it is there to act as protection when things go wrong and many of us have also had cause to heave a sigh of relief that we picked the right one. But what about when someone tells you that their insurance is a better option? In this article we provide a warning about misleading offers when it comes to changing your home insurance:

The Casino in Torrevieja
What’s ÁbacoClub been up to?

After the Christmas break, ÁbacoClub members enjoyed their first 2023 event in Torrevieja. On 26th January they were invited to take a stroll along Torrevieja’s promenade followed by brunch at the casino. The perfect combination of a healthy early morning walk followed by the opportunity to recharge the batteries in one of the plushest establishments in the town.

The casino is an iconic building that goes back to 1896. It is a social venue rather than a gambling establishment, although upstairs there is a games room which members can use. The casino can be described as opulent and reflects the wealth that was established here through Torrevieja’s status as a trading port in years gone by. To find out more about it and to take a glimpse inside, visit the Murcia Today website:
Living in Los Montesinos Spain: The Definitive Guide
Moving to Los Montesinos

David Ruiz has told us about many different places in Spain and what it might be like to live there. This month it’s a small town right on our doorstep – Los Montesinos. It’s quite a unique place having its own town hall and jurisdiction despite being so close to its Torrevejense neighbour. Situated on the edge of the salt lake it has many benefits to it and David explains why this is such a thriving little town and an attractive one to live in:

Categories and definitions of ECO stickers in Spain
What exactly are the eco stickers?

There has been a lot of speculation and some panic around the rumour that everyone must have an eco sticker on their car from January 2023. It is true that eco stickers are now available in post offices for those people ready to categorise their car. Different badges are allocated depending on the status of your vehicle. However, there is no requirement in place just yet to have one displayed. If you want to get ahead of the game or you’re just interested in finding out more, the N332 site is a good source of advice:

Watch out for carnival!
Watch out for carnival!

We’re coming up to carnival time and local towns will be lining up their procession days and events. In Torrevieja the carnival activities will last from 27th January to 26th February. They begin with a range of shows and presentations and conclude with the splendid processions that we associate with ‘carnaval’.

The chief dates to put in your diary include the main procession on 12th February which begins during the day and on 18th February it’s the night-time procession. Other notable events include the pets carnival on 5th February, a paella competition on 29th January and the National Drag Queen competition on 4th February. For a complete list of the dates and times:

Carnaval Torrevieja 2023

Águilas is also a popular carnival destination. If you want to secure your seat there, Águilas Today tells you how:

Congratulations Ciudad del Mar
Congratulations Ciudad del Mar

A local school in Torrevieja has made it into the top 100 schools list in Spain. This is a particularly notable achievement because there are only two other public schools listed there. The other schools are all semi-private (concertados) or private. The school is well-known locally for its creative curriculum, challenging the orthodoxy of tuition from books with a more child-centred approach. Here you can see the 2023 ranking that includes Ciudad del Mar and is published by Micole:

Los 100 mejores colegios de España - Ranking 2023

This is by no means the only ranking of schools in Spain, each one having different criteria for selection. If you are set on choosing a school, in the end the best way of
making your choice is to go and take a look round and talk to local parents. However, you are unlikely to find parents in total agreement about what is the best and much will depend upon your own view of education. Here you’ll find some advice about the different types of schooling and what you can expect:

Five signs you know you’re crushing it living abroad
Are you ‘crushing it’ in Spain?

An advertising article, but once you get round the frequent mentions of healthcare providers it does have some interesting points to make about the habits and knowledge that mean you are settled and established in a foreign country. They identify five pointers – how do you match against them?

ÁbacoClub Magazine
Places to visit

Firstly, we’d like to plug some of our own publications. The ÁbacoClub magazine will be coming out soon and in that there will be a list of amazing places in Spain to visit in the spring time. If you’re keen to start touring now, then past publications also include information about where, when and what to visit in Spain. You can take a look at the back catalogue at:

In August’s edition we introduced you to some of Spain’s best natural pools and in the March 2022 issue you’ll find some suggestions for beautiful countryside destinations. In March 2023, the next issue will be available and will include some beautiful spring time locations where you can admire the varied countryside and landscape in different parts of Spain.

We also came across this article identifying ‘Ten best historical sites to visit’ in Costa Blanca People:

Ten best historical sites to visit in Spain

Don’t forget that EuroTourGuide provides you with a range of favourite destinations and annual events: 

What interests you?
What interests you?

We would welcome any suggestions for future themes you would like us to cover either in the newsletter or in an article on Spain Explained.

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