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International Edition - July 2021
Welcome to the July issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
It's time to donate
Save money by donating

If the implications of inheritance tax worry you, or you’ve been thinking about the possibility of donating, then now is the time. The setting of allowances, previously delegated to regions, is due to become nationalised and with this, the amount of tax to pay in some regions is likely to increase.

In this article we explain why it’s a good idea to donate now rather than later:

It’s time to donate
The cost of buying property in Spain: The complete guide
How much does it cost to buy in Spain?

We’re often asked about the ‘on cost’ extras that people must pay when they’re buying property in Spain. As in any country there are additional fees that you must pay that aren’t included in the price of the property you’ve set your heart on. For example, in Spain there are Notary charges to pay, a fee to the Spanish Land Registry, legal fees and, of course, those taxes.

In this article we break down the extra costs to help you budget and make sure that your dream property doesn’t end up costing you more than you thought:

The cost of buying property in Spain: The complete guide
Income tax in Spain on your rental property
Keeping up with the tax for your rental property

Many people buy property in Spain to rent out. This can be purely for investment or as an interim measure before they move into it themselves. Either way, it’s important to be aware that you are liable for paying income tax in Spain on the rent that you receive. In this article we explain when you have to declare it, what the deductions can be and who is required to pay it:

Income tax in Spain on your rental property
Living in Javea Spain: The Definitive Guide
Living in Javea

David Ruiz loves to introduce us to parts of Spain that we might not have visited before. In this article, he tells us more about Javea. Javea is part of the Costa Blanca and is a popular destination for those looking to make Spain their home. It’s also a very good place to visit. Particular attractions include the ‘old’ section of the town with its gothic church and traditional buildings. It has its own port and, as you might expect, a selection of beaches and secluded coves.

To find out more about Javea and what it might be like to live there, read the article itself:

Living in Javea Spain: The Definitive Guide
Benidorm gets a little closer to the sky
High rise living

It’s finished at last and now you can purchase your very own property in the fifth-tallest skyscraper in Spain. If you have a spare €317,000 to invest then you might like to buy yourself a 95 square meter apartment that boasts a sea view from quite a height.

The Intempo tower block in Benidorm, started to be constructed in 2006 but has only just been completed. It is 198 meters high and contains 256 apartments. It includes two pools and a number of other common areas including a cocktail bar and jacuzzis. The top floor apartments have been sold for more than €2 million.

To find out more about it, including its stop and go history, read:
Madrileños to gaditanos: What to call the locals from different parts of Spain
Not people from Madrid but madrileños
If you live in Torrevieja then you will often hear reference to the ‘madrileños’. This seaside resort has a long tradition of hosting people whose first home is in Madrid.

What you might not be aware of is that Madrid isn’t the only city or region to have a special word for its inhabitants. In this article from The Local they cover a number of other locations, including Valencia – the home of... you’ve got it – the valencianos:

Madrileños to gaditanos: What to call the locals from different parts of Spain
Lydia Valentín: Olympic Champion
Spain and the Olympics

Who do you support when it comes to international events? It can be controversial both between and within families. Do you support your original ‘home team’ or that belonging to the location where you now reside? Whatever your answer, for a lot of our readers it was likely to have been tested out during the recent European Football Championship. Now, it can be tested again with the Olympics. Although in this case it’s probably easier to support both.

Coming up in August, you might want to get behind Lidia Valentin. She’s a Spanish female weightlifter now competing in her fourth Olympic games. She’s won a medal in every games so far and winning another on August 2nd would put her in the history books:
Exhibition tells story of Spanish children used as vaccine ‘fridges’ in 1803
How about this for a vaccine story?

How do you get the smallpox vaccine to the Spanish colonies when it only lasts 12 days and it’s 1803? Use children of course! The Guardian shares this interesting piece of history about a pioneer determined to spread protection further than his own front door:

Madrid’s Retiro Park and Paseo del Prado granted World Heritage status
A new World Heritage site in Spain

This time it’s in Madrid and combines with many more to make Spain the third in the world for heritage sites. The Retiro Park and Paseo del Prado boulevard were voted in by two-thirds of the UNESCO committee. Retiro Park is 118 hectares in total and, bang in the centre of Madrid, provides a very welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle in the country’s capital.

The Paseo del Prado boulevard includes six museums, major fountains and the Plaza de Cibeles square. Both parts of the city that deserve this recognition:
Pro-onion faction triumphs in Spain’s great omelette debate
Tortilla – with or without onion?

Delicious, a slice of tortilla with a drink at lunchtime, for a snack or even as a main meal. But debate continues as to what a traditional tortilla should actually include. Now El Mundo have published the results of a poll which indicate that the preferred version is made with onion rather than without. Whether this is the more traditional version or not, the fact remains that people seem to enjoy tortilla cooked ‘con cebollas’:

What are you entitled to...?
What are you entitled to...?

...when it comes to consumer rights in Spain? One of the best sources of information on this topic is the website Money Saver Spain. In this article they reveal some ‘Consumer Rights Myths’:

But what about when you’ve bought something second hand or that’s been repaired? Money Saver Spain provide us with some tips on what you are and aren’t entitled to:

Second Hand and Repaired Goods: Your Consumer Rights

And if you’re not happy in the end? You can ask for a ‘hoja de reclamacion’ which is an official complaints form that must be available at any retail outlet. To find out what you should do:

Benidorm will host three shows in new festival to pick Spain's 2022 Eurovision Song Contest entry
A good reason to watch the Eurovision Song Contest

Can there be? Well, perhaps in 2022. Benidorm has been picked to host the shows where the next Spanish song is picked. The mayor of Benidorm, Toni Perez, and the Valencian President, Ximo Puig, have signed an agreement with the broadcaster RTVE and it all looks like go for the two semi-finals and grand final.

Spain’s selection process hasn’t been too successful in the past with the last noteworthy entry being in 2014 when ‘Dancing in the Rain’ came tenth. Now, in a bid to take the competition more seriously (or so we’re told) Benidorm will host the run-up to the competition and claims that there will be a mixed selection of jury.

What interests you?
What interests you?

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