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International Edition - July 2023
Welcome to the July issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
Building your own swimming pool in Spain
Time for a dip – building your swimming pool

This is the time of year when swimming pools really come into their own. At the end of the day, a refreshing swim to cool you down or even first thing in the morning to freshen you up - perfect. Many people benefit from a community pool but what if you want one on your doorstep? In this article we provide advice about the legislation and process for if you want to build a pool of your own:

Building your own swimming pool in Spain
Building your own swimming pool in Spain
Keeping cool – our tips

If building a swimming pool isn’t possible for you, perhaps one of our other tips might help you lower the temperature:

Dogs in Spain – Everything you need to know
Dogs in Spain

If you are thinking of bringing your dog to Spain then we suggest you read this article. Dogs are welcome here but there are restrictions and important points to note if you want their time here to be an enjoyable one. It’s also worth a reminder - leaving dogs in cars in the current heat, even for a very short amount of time, can be fatal and avoid walking your dog when pavements are still too hot to handle:

Making a police report (denuncia) in Spain
Making a denuncia in Spain

We’re all getting a little frazzled with the heat these days and tempers can rise. However, if you really feel that you are the victim of a crime then an immediate option open to you is to make a denuncia against the other person. In this article we explain what this is, how you can go about making one and what might happen next:

Living in Costa del Sol Spain: The Definitive Guide
A tour round the Costa del Sol

David Ruiz takes us down south to the Costa del Sol. For those who aren’t already familiar with the area, he introduces us to:
  • Malaga which he describes as ‘a vibrant and cultural city with lots to see and do’.
  • Marbella ‘A luxury destination for High-End Holidays and Nightlife’.
  • Ronda ‘A picturesque gem in the mountains with historic roots’.
  • Mijas ‘A charming village tucked away on the hillside’.
  • Nerja ‘A Coastal Town with Sandy Beaches and Hidden Coves’.
  • Fuengirola ‘A family-friendly destination with authentic Spanish Culture’.
His summary of each includes information about what to see there, who lives there
and other useful information for those considering a permanent move or just buying property as a holiday home:

If you’re looking for a little more detailed information about Marbella then you might prefer to read this article: ‘Living in Marbella Spain: The Definitive Guide’. Here David tells us more about its location, climate, the best times to visit, main attractions, how to get there and lots of other useful details:
Culture in Santa Pola to Combat the August Heat
What to do in Santa Pola

If you’re looking for a little diversion away from the heat then Santa Pola has a whole programme of activities arranged to do just that. The ‘Festes d’Estiu’ has been organised by the Departments of Culture, Festivals and Youth in Santa Pola and events include concerts such as the Noche de Habaneras by the Villa de Santa Pola Choir as well as the Divos and Divinas show:

Spain abolishes six-month absence rule for temporary residents
Changes to temporary resident rules

Spanish News Today keeps us informed about changes to rules surrounding temporary residency in Spain:
How the bikini subverted fascism in 1950s Spain by entering through Benidorm
Benidorm doesn’t ban Bikinis

We don’t think twice about women going topless now, let alone wearing a bikini, but for a long time Spain was resistant to the idea of allowing women to wear the two piece on the beach. The change, we are told, was the brainchild of Benidorm’s mayor Pedro Zaragoza Orts who wanted to make sure that tourists felt at ease on the beaches in the swimwear of their choice. The story of the mayor and the Vespa scooter’s journey to Madrid to persuade Franco is now one of legend:

Museus de Sitges
Keeping entertained in Sitges

Sitges is one Spanish coastal town that is determined to make sure that there’s plenty to keep you occupied during the hot summer months. They have announced a series of events from Picasso workshops to seafood tasting, there’s something for everyone advertised here all the way through to 31st August:

What To Do (and What Not To Do) If You Get A Sunburn
Sunburn advice

Do you know anyone who applies toothpaste to sunburn? I don’t, but this article suggests that the use of toothpaste is a mothers’ remedy that is definitely not to be advised. Find out more about the myths surrounding treating your skin when you’ve stayed out a little too long in the sun:

Alexia Putellas is back for the Women’s World Cup as Spain seeks glory
Women’s world cup

Women’s football is back in the news and Spain is hoping for great things in this
year’s tournament currently taking place in Australia and New Zealand. It hasn’t all been plain sailing for the team as you can read about in this article:

Alexia Putellas is back for the Women’s World Cup as Spain seeks glory

For more detailed coverage of Spain’s progress through the tournament:

Heads Up as Councillor opens toilets on Orihuela Costa Beaches
Orihuela Costa toilets open

The beach bars still remain closed but at least people visiting the blue flag beaches on Orihuela’s Costa can now go to the toilet. It’s been a great disappointment for many people that their favourite beach bars and facilities have not been operating as normal this year. However, at least now, the replacement of this service will leave many feeling relieved:

Richard Branson Opens Luxury Resort In Mallorca
How the other half...

Of course, you might be the other half but either way you might be interested to read about Richard Branson’s new venture in Mallorca. It’s a luxury hotel and for some lucky people it might be on their holiday itinerary!

What happened in Spain’s snap general election?
What’s happened with the election

Spain’s general election is now over. At least for the time being. The result is that there is no single political party with sufficient votes to govern on their own. A situation that seems to be the norm now, with similar circumstances occurring four years ago. Now it is down to the two main political parties to see if they can get some smaller parties on board to back them. If not, there will have to be another general election. For more information:

What happened in Spain’s snap general election?
What interests you?
What interests you?

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