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International Edition - June 2023
Welcome to the June issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
Estate agent regulations: What are they?
Estate agents to be more closely monitored

From August 2023 a register of estate agents will apply to those operating in Valencia. Some other communities have already implemented regulations to ensure that estate agents are required to meet specified standards. These standards include expectations around qualifications and training and mean that there will be a more formal method of registering a complaint if you feel that the service has not lived up to your expectations. This new regional law has implications that should be of benefit to those expecting to buy or sell in the future:

Estate agent regulations: What are they?
The best places to live in Spain for families
Where to live in Spain with your family?

Spain is a family-friendly country so almost everywhere is suitable for you and your family if you are looking to settle here. However, there are some specific recommendations we would like to make when it comes to choosing the best place to live when bringing your children with you. We make some suggestions for if you are a beach-loving family, a family that enjoys vibrant city life, or if you prefer something a little more rural:

Making the most of the Spanish Nightlife
Making the most of the nightlife in Spain

You can’t go far wrong if you are looking for a vibrant nightlife in Spain. The country has a reputation for parties – both traditional and modern and you won’t be disappointed. In this article we outline what the bars and restaurants have to offer, a guide to nightclubs and consider some more traditional fiestas that will really make you feel you’re living life to the full:

Making the most of the Spanish Nightlife
ÁbacoClub update

We’ve been busy at ÁbacoClub. Just before the summer heat sets in we’ve tried to make sure that we’ve been able to reach out with as many fun and informative activities as we can. In April we went to the historical town of Cehegín and we were escorted around its narrow streets by our guide, Magdalena. Later that month ÁbacoClub members enjoyed line dancing and then took refreshments at Bar Carlos.

Our latest get together at the beginning of June, saw us enjoying breakfast at Makai Café, followed by a mobility and strength class. Remember to keep up-to-date with events and book yourself in if you are a member of ÁbacoClub. We are always delighted to see you!

Spain Golden Visa: The definitive guide
The golden visa – your guide

If you are looking for ways to come and live in Spain then this article might be just what you’re looking for. David Ruiz has put together the definitive guide to this option which can allow you to both live and work in Spain, if you have the resources to do so.

It does require a significant investment and there are other conditions too which David clearly outlines if you are considering taking this route. However, benefits not only include access to healthcare and education but also the possibility of citizenship in the future: 

Spain Golden Visa: The definitive guide
Living in Málaga Spain: The Definitive Guide
Why not visit Málaga?

Málaga, in the south of Spain, dates back to 770BC and the Phoenicians. Since then it has attracted other invaders making it one of the most inspiring and richest cities in Spain for different architectural styles. It’s also a busy business centre with a reputation for innovation and a vibrant port with its own beaches. It plays host to a wide variety of performances over the year and has a reputation for the arts. David Ruiz provides us with more details in his guide to living in Málaga.
Moving to Spain from Ireland: The Definitive Guide
Guide to moving to Spain from Ireland

Irish citizens have been fortunate in the fact that they continue to be part of the European Union and benefit from a smoother transition if they choose to move to Spain. David Ruiz explains in this article how you can legally become a Spanish resident if you currently have an Irish passport. He also outlines what’s needed to obtain a Spanish driving licence, registering a car in Spain and what the situation is when it comes to tax: 

Masks No Longer Mandatory In Hospitals And Pharmacies In Spain
Masks no longer mandatory

Finally, the last measure to deter Covid is due to be removed. Murcia Today explains how masks will no longer be compulsory in hospitals, dentists, chemists and other health centres:

Three tips to save you money when making a currency transfer to Spain
Some currency exchange advice

For those making regular transfers from one currency to another then transfer costs can hit you hard. In this article, Currencies Direct issue their tips to prevent you from losing more money than you have to:

Summer driving advice

The N332 has put together some advice to help people driving in Spain during the summer months. There are often questions on forums about driving in flipflops but these three updates explain the reasons why you might get fined for having your feet on the dashboard, failing to put on your seatbelt or even letting your arm hang out of the window. Plenty of food for thought:

Summer means the Moors and Christians
Moors and Christians

Nearly every city and town in Spain will have its own version of the Moors and Christians parades in the summer months. It’s a celebration of the age-old conflict between the two groups that ironically led to some of the most amazing architecture and imaginative conversions of religious buildings. If one of these processions is happening close to you we would thoroughly recommend that you take the time out of your schedule to pull up a chair and enjoy the display. Make sure you have some water close by as they can be lengthy but are well worth the wait:

Summer means the Moors and Christians
Top 5 Summer Music Festivals in Spain
Summer music festivals

With guaranteed heat and dry weather conditions, music festivals are a popular source of entertainment during the summer in Spain. Spain in English lists their top five to enjoy in July and August:

Top 5 Summer Music Festivals in Spain
How to keep cool in Spain – top ten tips
As the heat kicks in

We’re well and truly into the summer now in Spain and the mercury is rising. Below we’ve put together some articles, old and new that might help you find ways of cooling down and getting the night’s sleep that you need.

Here you can read our top ten tips for how to keep cool in Spain:

How to keep cool in Spain – top ten tips

This article provides some general advice for those who find it hard to get a decent night’s sleep:

and some more tips:

7 tips to keep cool in the Spanish summer

Murcia Today has its own tips – particularly if you don’t have air conditioning:

Stay safe in the summer
Stay safe in the summer

Every summer we hear of a tragic accident involving swimming pools and young children. We urge everyone to be extra vigilant and remind you of some of the other ways in which to make sure that your summer is spent enjoying the water: 

Remember to watch out for rip currents:

Viva la siesta!
Viva la siesta!

Siestas are not only a great way of staying out of the mid-day heat but they could also be good for your brain according to this article. Apparently ‘napping’ may help prevent your brain from shrinking:

However, it seems as though the siesta could be on its way out as a normal part of Spanish life and routine:

Orcas disrupt boat race near Spain in latest display of dangerous, puzzling behavior
Orcas have their say

Sometimes wildlife will have its say and the best planned events can be disrupted. One recent example of this is how a pod of killer whales interrupted a boat race in the Mediterranean:

Orcas disrupt boat race near Spain in latest display of dangerous, puzzling behavior
The 20 Best Beaches in Spain
Enjoy your summer

Whether you are visiting Spain or living here, Ábaco wishes you an enjoyable July and remember, if you do get a bit hot under the collar, there’s always the beach to cool down:

The 20 Best Beaches in Spain
What interests you?
What interests you?

We would welcome any suggestions for future themes you would like us to cover either in the newsletter or in an article on Spain Explained.

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