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International Edition - November 2022
Welcome to the November issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
Real estate investment in Spain – Basic guidelines
Is your money working for you?

If it isn’t and is languishing in a bank account then you might want to think about investing in property in Spain. In this article we outline what the options are and what the advantages might be. Find out more about ‘house flipping’ and renting out and follow our guidelines for a successful investment:

Real estate investment in Spain – Basic guidelines
Living in Spain as a foreigner: What is it like?
What’s it like to live in Spain?

If you are thinking about moving to Spain you might want to read this article. It’s a big decision and one that many people have never regretted. However, it’s important to do your research and think carefully about what the financial and personal implications might be. In this article we outline some of the considerations involved to help you decide if it’s the right move for you:

Living in Spain as a foreigner: What is it like?
Releasing the capital on your house in Spain
Equity release on your Spanish home

Equity release or ‘nuda propiedad’ is an option in Spain if you are living in a property that belongs to you but would benefit from some cash to spend. In this article we give an example of how much equity you might be able to release and how it changes depending on age and property ownership. Find out more about the pros and cons and what is meant by a bank’s ‘reverse mortgage’:

The Golden Visa in Spain – Invest and obtain residency
Ways of moving to Spain – the Golden Visa

If you want to put your dream into action then the Golden Visa might be an option for you if you are a non-EU citizen. Although you have to have a sizeable quantity of money to benefit, it can be ideal if you have money to invest. We explain how it works, what you need and what the next step might be:

Retiring to Spain from the UK: How it’s done
Retiring in Spain? We provide some step-by-step advice

It can be confusing – what documentation do you need and in what order? How do you access your pension and what is the situation with healthcare? We give a summary of the most important points to be aware of if you’ve taken the decision that retiring in Spain is the right choice for you:

Retiring to Spain from the UK: How it’s done
Time is ticking towards 31st December
Time is ticking towards 31st December

If you don’t live in Spain but have property here then you should be aware that 31
st December is the deadline for making your non-resident tax declaration. This is the time when you pay your imputed income tax to the Spanish Tax Authority if you do not rent out your property but use it as a holiday home. Find out more about this tax declaration and what it means for you in these articles:

Find out more about non-resident property taxes

Brits in Spain Facebook Page
Update on driving licences

There could be another opportunity to exchange your UK licence for a Spanish one if you haven’t already done so. On the Brits in Spain Facebook site they provide information about the current situation which includes an agreement having been made that will allow a further 6 month window for driving licence exchange to take place:

What are the requirements to be eligible for the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain 2023?
Could you be a digital nomad?

As British people are still getting to grips with the impact of Brexit and the ongoing restrictions related to the time they spend in Spain, so more opportunities to extend their visit seem to be emerging. One of the latest is the ‘digital nomad’ visa scheme which Murcia Today publish could begin in 2023. The visa isn’t only applicable to the British, but to any nationality outside of the EU. You need to be working for a company not based in Spain to qualify and, of course, there are a number of requirements that you must fulfil:

La Charamita Torrevieja 2022
The local festival

If you live in or near to Torrevieja then you might be interested in taking part in their Fiestas Patronales. This is the local festival held at this time of year which has some very unusual characteristics. Firstly take note of the ‘gigantes y cabezudos’ in other words - giants and big heads. Yes, you read correctly. These strange characters – on stilts and unsurprisingly, with large heads, file around the town centre accompanied by an entourage of children whilst singing traditional songs and banging on the drum.

You can watch a video here and find out exactly when the procession will be setting out each day over the course of the week:

A 50-metre Toboggan Slide, Ice Skating And Ufo Laser Battles At The Christmas Fair In Murcia This Year!
Ice skating in Murcia

If you are hankering after some snow and ice then you might want to make a trip to the Christmas Fair in Murcia. Murcia Today provide more details about this annual event which is set to include a 50-metre snow slide and ice rink:

Christmas skating rink in València
Ice skating in Valencia

This Valencian website is advertising the Christmas skating rink in Valencia. The sessions last for 40 minutes and the ice rink will be open until 6th January.

International Christmas carols Torrevieja 2022
Christmas carols

You know that Christmas is coming when the shopping centres start to turn on their lights. Even with high temperatures (and we have had some warm days this year in November) you still can get the Christmassy feeling.

Events to look out for include the International Christmas Carol Concert in Torrevieja. This event is held every year and brings together people from many different communities in a collective sing song with a festive feel. This year it starts at 5pm in the Plaza de la Constitución and you can read about it here:

International Christmas carols Torrevieja 2022
#Navidad: In Spain the Christmas story begins with Belén
Nativity scenes

Most towns and cities in Spain will be opening up their Beléns or nativity scenes. These usually depict the Christmas story from Mary setting out to the arrival of the Magi. They are often filled with detail, not only about Mary and Joseph but also depicting life at the time. Don’t forget to watch out for the Christmas crapper!
Read some information about it from The Local:

Online free papers
Online free papers

Gone are the days when you used to have to seek out the newspaper stands. Although paper copies are still around, you can sit at home and browse on your device if you prefer. These are a couple of the free papers you can access to keep up with local events and news:

For the Costa Blanca People:

For the EuroWeekly free paper which has editions focussed on Almeria, Axarquia, Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South, Costa del Sol, Mallorca :

Costa Blanca South 17 – 23 November 2022 Issue 1950
The Nutcracker

It’s a seasonal favourite and we’ve spotted one or two opportunities to watch this famous ballet in our part of Spain. You can follow this link to buy tickets for a performance in Altea on 22nd January 2023 by the Kiev ballet:

You can visit Valencia in three days!
Getting to know Valencia

This website is advertising a free guide to Valencia that they suggest can be completed in three days. If you are looking for a short city break, this might just be the perfect match:

You can visit Valencia in three days!
Moving to Spain: The definitive guide
Moving to Spain - your definitive guide

If you're looking for your questions answered about moving to Spain why not take a look at this article by David Ruiz? There is lots of useful information on his website and you can research the area you might like to move to as well. 

Moving to Spain: The definitive guide
What interests you?
What interests you?

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