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International Edition - November 2023
Welcome to the November issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
Spanish Inheritance Law: integral support in the process
Facing the trauma of inheritance

When someone you care about dies the last thing you want is to be involved in a difficult inheritance process. At Ábaco we are aware that at these times you need not only support with legalities but a caring and understanding hand to guide you. We pride ourselves on our customer service not only from the point of view of making procedures as simple as possible but recognising the emotions you will be going through at this difficult time. Read more about our inheritance service here:

Spanish Inheritance Law: integral support in the process
Modelo 210: Non-resident income tax in Spain
Last call for non-residents!

The deadline is now upon us for non-residents to complete their annual tax return. If you have a property in Spain but don’t live here then you are required to complete an annual non-resident tax declaration. In this article we explain your tax obligations and how we can help you meet them:

Modelo 210: Non-resident income tax in Spain
The 720 asset declaration form (and NEW 721 FORM!!)
Reminder about the 720 and introducing the 721

A little heads up on another deadline we can expect in March. The 720 asset declaration form is required to be completed by foreigners living in Spain who have assets in another country of more than 50,000€. It does not have to be completed every year if your circumstances don’t change.

There is also now a 721 form which is a declaration of cryptocurrency interests abroad. To check whether either of these forms apply to you or not, read our article:

The 720 asset declaration form (and NEW 721 FORM!!)
ÁbacoClub Facebook Page
ÁbacoClub update

As many people will know who read this newsletter, ham or ‘jamon’ is a very special food in Spain. In the lead up to Christmas the hams in the supermarkets are very much on show as are the vast differences in prices you can pay for them. Knowing how the pig was reared, what ham to select for what event and how to cut and present it, really is an art form.

Some of this specialist knowledge was shared with members of ÁbacoClub at the beginning of November when Esperanza Mtz, Master Ham Cutter, demonstrated her skills. ÁbacoClub members have the opportunity to take part in a variety of different activities over the course of the year – all designed with the idea of helping you enjoy Spain even more. You can see and read more about this latest event on our Facebook page:

Moving to Spain from UK: The Definitive Guide
Moving to Spain from the UK

Do you live in the UK with the intention of moving to Spain at some point? Perhaps you are ready to retire or work online with the option of any country as your base? It’s true that things have tightened up since Brexit but there are still ways in which you can make Spain your home. David Ruiz gives his advice in his definitive guide to moving to Spain from the UK:

Moving to Spain from UK: The Definitive Guide
Reports Of Spain Scrapping The 90-day-in-180 Rule Are Greatly Exaggerated
Fact or fiction?

The rumours that Spain is about to begin lobbying Brussels to allow British people to stay longer than 90 days have raised the hopes of many. However, this article explains where the rumours originated and why British people shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet:

Pedro Sánchez is back ... now Spain’s PM must make his daring gamble pay off
Pedro Sánchez re-elected

The leader of the PSOE socialist party has retained his place as the Spanish Prime Minister for the next four years. After an inconclusive general election he has been able to seek out and secure the support of sufficient additional political parties but at a price:

Pedro Sánchez is back Spain’s PM must make his daring gamble pay off
Tickets El Cascanueces - Ballet de Barcelona
Dates for your diary

If you like ballet you might want to put December 20th in your diary as the date when The Barcelona Ballet will be coming to Torrevieja to present The Nutcracker. The performance will take place in The Municipal town theatre and you can obtain tickets from here: 

Did You Hear A Loud Explosion This Afternoon? This Is Why...
It all went off with a bang!

On November 21st people in Murcia and Alicante were shocked by what sounded like an explosion. Later it was broadcast that what they’d heard was in fact a sonic boom from two fighter planes practising their manoeuvres:

Spanish airports: What are the new liquid and electronics rules coming into force from 2024?
Taking bottles on board

It’s been something of a nightmare for years now. The little plastic bags for toiletries and the goods left behind because you forgot liquids aren’t allowed. Never mind the scrummage at security as you remove your laptops, tablets, phones and watches from your bag. Now, at last, it looks as though restrictions are set to ease. This article explains which airports are already making plans:

Spanish airports: What are the new liquid and electronics rules coming into force from 2024?
Electric Scooters In Spain Will Need A Circulation Cert From Next Year
Tightening up on electric scooters – a little

Spain does seem to have more than its fair share of electric scooters on the streets. Now there is a move to make sure that all electric scooters come with a certificate of legality if they are bought after January 22nd 2024. To find out what happens if you’ve already bought yours:

Overnight Train Connecting Spain And Europe Scheduled For Next Year
International travel without leaving the ground

That’s the intention of the new routes planned between the Spanish city of Barcelona and major cities across Europe. Overnight trains are being scheduled that will provide the opportunity for travellers to fall asleep in one country and wake up in another. Some of the cabins look pretty good too:

Spain remains Britons' first choice in 2024, according to ABTA
Some holiday statistics for you

Here from Idealista is the news that Spain continues to be the favourite holiday destination for British people. May and June are the most popular months to travel and we’re informed that package holidays are on the rebound:

Spain remains Britons' first choice in 2024, according to ABTA
Montanejos is Valencia's natural paradise for adventure and relaxation
Visit Montanejos

Montanejos is a village in Spain located in the province of Castellón in Valencia. It is renowned for its river, waterfalls and hot springs. The hot springs maintain a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius although the water temperature might drop below this during the winter months. You can watch a video that shows you how this might be a spot both for the adventurer in you and for the part that just wants to relax:

Montanejos is Valencia's natural paradise for adventure and relaxation
‘Your wife wants to see you’: 18th-century Spanish letters seized at sea by British published online
A glimpse into the past

History can be so much more fascinating than the accounts we read in history books at school. When it comes to the real lives of ordinary people in times gone by it perhaps makes you appreciate how easy it is for us living nowadays. If you like reading about the real lives of people in the 18th century then the publication of some Spanish letters might be of interest:

‘Your wife wants to see you’: 18th-century Spanish letters seized at sea by British published online
Cheap High-speed Trains Between Murcia And Madrid On Track To Begin On December 10
Murcia to Madrid and back again

Spain continues to develop its high-speed railways and the next to offer additional low-cost train travel is Renfe’s connection between Murcia and Madrid. The AVE train will run once a day, each way and you can book your tickets now:

Spanish Christmas – with a difference
Spanish Christmas – with a difference

Christmas is generally a more low-key event in Spain than in some other European countries. At the moment we are experiencing an incredibly warm winter which makes it even more difficult to get in the Christmas spirit. However, whether it’s a barbecue on the beach you’re planning or a visit to a Spanish Belén (nativity scene) there is plenty of tradition surrounding Christmas to enjoy.

Some ideas, if you’re thinking of coming to Spain for Christmas:

All I want for Christmas... is to be somewhere else

Idealista provides its summary of the main Spanish Christmas traditions:

What are the Christmas traditions in Spain?
Don’t forget the Three Kings
Don’t forget the Three Kings

The Spanish Christmas continues past December with the final, and perhaps most enjoyable event for many, being on January 5th. This is the day when the Three Kings visit every town and deliver presents to the children there. Most towns also hold their Three Kings parade which can include anything from gymnastic displays to farmyard scenes. Check out what there is to watch in your town. In Torrevieja the current itinerary is:

Parade of the Three Wise Men Torrevieja

Many towns have their own way in which the Three Kings arrive to hand out their presents. In Torrevieja they come by boat. However, there are some other novel ways in which they reach other towns and cities in Spain, including by motorcycle and on skis!

If you want to spend this time of year close to a truly winter wonderland environment, then you might like to visit Granada. Here is some information about the events that take place there at this time of year.

Christmas 2023 in Granada - New Year 2024 Celebrations and Events

As our newsletter comes out at the end of every month, this is our opportunity to wish you, if just a little early, a very merry Christmas! 
What interests you?
What interests you?

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