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News and information from Spain
International Edition - October 2018
Welcome to the October issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
Thinking about selling your property in Spain? Read our ten top tips

You may even have your house on the market already. Whatever stage you are at you should find this article useful to make sure that the sale goes through smoothly and you don’t encounter any last minute glitches.

Sometimes people can be under the impression that not much can go wrong when you’re selling and that legal representation isn’t necessary. However, you should be wary of allowing your buyer and their solicitor too much of a free reign during the process.

Ten tips for a smooth sale
The deadline is approaching for non-resident income tax

Yes, you did read the title correctly. Non-residents do have a form of income tax to pay if they have a property in Spain that they do not rent out.

The deadline for this tax is December 31st and non-payment means you are storing up trouble for the future. We explain in this article what you must do to make sure you’re compliant.

All you need to know about non-resident taxes in Spain
Beat the Brexit inheritance trap

If you are a resident in Spain you may already have made plans for your inheritance. Being prepared is important, as different rules here can come as a surprise.

In this article, our legal department explain how it might be the right time to think again about your inheritance plans and consider donating your property instead.

Find out more in our article:

NIE number vs Spanish residency

If you had any doubts at all about the roles of the NIE and residency paper work, David Ruiz will clear them up in his article about these much misunderstood documents. He explains clearly why having an NIE is nosubstitute for residency.

As he points out, with humour, don’t leave your knowledge of residency status to the man in the bar... or even David’s Granny!

Stop reading nonsense on the Internet: NIE number vs Spanish residency


Corvera airport is now expected to open and San Javier to close. However, many flight operators are still hedging their bets and haven’t yet announced exactly which airport they will be flying from next year.

It’s been a story that has illustrated the worst side of Spanish politics and continues to baffle those working out just where they will be able to fly to and from in 2019:

Getting ready for Brexit – advice about residency
Good advice on preparing for Brexit

El País in English have published a lawyer’s advice on how the British can prepare for Brexit. They acknowledge that the details are still unknown but suggest that there are some steps, such as ensuring you have permanent residency, that can be taken.

Most of the advice focuses on proving you’ve had a link with Spain for as long as possible:

Is changing the clocks set to end?

There’s no doubt that getting that extra hour in bed in October is very welcome but less so is losing it in March. Changing the clocks has always been controversial and now it does look as though we might be seeing the last of it. As the benefits seem tobe marginal so the EU is proposing that the practice ends in 2019.

This article from El País also reminds us that Spain may be in the wrong time zone anyway:

Make your plans for carnival time

In some towns in Spain, the carnival in February is a popular if sometimes chilly affair. For once, we have plenty of advance notice and if you are planning to be in or near Torrevieja during February then you might like to check out what events you can attend.

The carnival is a flamboyant celebration of life that centres around two processions in the town. One is during the daytime and one in the evening. There are many groups or ‘comparsos’ that take part and entertain the watching crowds, sometimes on glamourous floats.

There are other events linked to carnival throughout the month and this article from Costa Daily explains what they are and when they’re taking place:

Do you know your Spanish idioms?

This is a fun quiz from The Local in Spain. You have to select from three options what each Spanish idiom means. Some maybe very similar to ones in your own language but others are truly Spanish.

At the end of the quiz you are given a percentage total and a pat on the back:

Did you know Richard Gere’s wife is Spanish?

She’s also very young being 35 years old to Richard’s 69. However, they are engaged in what would appear to be some good work persuading politicians to take the homeless more seriously. In this case they’ve been speaking to Spain’s president, Pedro Sánchez, about the need for social and employment opportunities.

In this article by Think Spain we’re also told that Gere owns a buddhist centre in Alicante.

Society wedding, done quietly this time

The Inditex (Zara) heiress, Marta Ortega, is to wed for a second timeto Roberto Torretta. In spite of being the daughter of the richest man in Spain, this wedding is publicised as being a quiet affair. This is in sharp contrast to her first wedding to international showjumper Sergio Álvarez Moya in 2012.

Think Spain helps keep us up with the gossip in this article:

Get ready for Black Friday

Whether you are an advocate of this kind of thing or not, you can be sure that everyone will be talking about it. Black Friday this year will be on 23rd November and Cyber Monday will be on 26th.

For more information about what to expect you should read this article from Money Saver Spain. They explain in more detail what it is and also how to avoid the tricks that stores sometimes pullat this time:

Why not adopt a greyhound?

The galgo is a Spanish greyhoundand it can come to a sticky end once its racing or hunting days are over. Now, having your very own galgo appears to be the latest fashion trend in Barcelona. In this article ‘The Guardian’ newspaper explains how the elegance of this dog is helping it to find friends in high places.

If you are considering buying a dog, do think about visiting your local albergue or animal shelter first. There are many dogs and cats who need a home and not just galgos.
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