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International Edition - October 2023
Welcome to the October issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
Modelo 210: Non-resident income tax in Spain
Non-resident tax payment deadline

December 31st is the deadline by which non-residents with property in Spain must submit their annual tax declaration using the form Modelo 210. If you are a client of Ábaco’s then we automatically give you advice about what you should and should not present and will submit the 210 for you. To find out more about it and the taxes you should pay as a non-resident in Spain you can read this article on our website:

Modelo 210: Non-resident income tax in Spain
How to get Spanish residency step by step
Applying to live in Spain – a step-by-step guide

Of course, each region and even town, has its differences but in this article we provide a general guide as to what you will need if you want to live in Spain. We provide details of the residency card, padrón and SIP (Spanish health card):

How to get Spanish residency step by step
Spanish residency visa: EU vs Non-EU
Residency – EU vs Non-EU

Continuing with the residency theme, David Ruiz explains the differences between applying for residency from a country in the EU and a country not in the EU:

Spanish residency visa: EU vs Non-EU
The definitive Spain visa guide and types of Spanish visas
Clarifying Visas

What visa might you be able to apply for if you live in a non-EU country? David Ruiz goes into more depth about the different types of visa that are available including the: non-lucrative visa, golden visa, student visa, working visa and business visa:

The definitive Spain visa guide and types of Spanish visas

He warns about the dangers of taking advice that isn’t backed by professional knowledge and rushing into hasty decisions. Over the years the requirements have changed and tightened up since the days of just showing your passport to obtain your residency. 
Celebrating the trains in Spain
Celebrating the trains in Spain

If you have ever had the pleasure of using one of Spain’s fast speed trains then you will already know how efficient, comfortable and punctual they are. In this article María Ramírez endorses their benefits and considers how they could offer a blueprint for other countries:

Spain’s high-speed trains aren’t just efficient, they have transformed people’s lives

If you haven’t yet made use of Spain’s railway network then you might look at this detailed breakdown of how to use and make the most of it:

A beginner's guide to train travel in Spain

We can also celebrate the pending official opening of a new line from Asturias to Madrid. This has been a costly and time-consuming one to establish due to the terrain it must pass through. However, it is considered to be an exciting new opportunity for the north of Spain which will now have closer links with the capital. To read more about it:

It’s official: Spain is getting a brand-new high-speed train next month

Spanish banks
Banks in Spain

Although many features are the same there are some differences when it comes to currency and banks in Spain. For a summary of important information about the Spanish banking service:

Public holiday
What is a red day?

You may have heard people in Spain talking about ‘red days’ and wondered what they are. These are the public holidays that were originally marked in red on calendars – hence the name. It’s worth while keeping up to date with them to make sure that you have no futile trips to the shops. Also, there are often public displays or events that coincide with these days that you might be interested in. For a summary of when they are and what they’re about:

Ryanair Opens New Base In Spain With Bumper Winter Flight Programme
Ryanair branches out in Lanzarote

Whatever your feelings are about Ryanair, they remain one of the most frequently used airlines transporting people in Europe. Now they are increasing their presence in Lanzarote with new links to Belfast, Bremen, Knock, Milan, Nuremberg and Zagreb:

La Siesta Park ready to open
La Siesta Park due to open

It’s been controversial from the start – the 44,000 square meters of land situated in the middle of the La Siesta housing development that was never completed by the builders and has remained in limbo until now. Boasting a huge range of facilities you can find out what it has to offer and a little of its history here:

La Siesta Park ready to open
Keeping it surreal: my Dalí-inspired art trip to Catalonia
Like Dalí? Visit Cadaqués

Dalí isn’t to everyone’s taste but if you do have an interest in his artwork then you might like to take a trip to three villages in Catalonia that have particular connections to him. Portlligat, Cadaqués and Cap de Creus are not only of interest due to their links with the artist but also they offer what the author of this article describes as ‘geological peacefulness’:

Keeping it surreal: my Dalí-inspired art trip to Catalonia 
30 facts about Spain: everything you need to know
Some Spanish trivia

If you like to collect interesting, but probably pretty useless facts, then you might like to take a look at these 30 facts about Spain. Did you know that Spain is the EU’s second-largest country?

Princess of Asturias award goes to...
Princess of Asturias award goes to...

...Meryl Streep!

The awards are presented each year in Oviedo for notable achievements in the sciences, humanities and public affairs.

This award is now added to her three Oscars, eight golden globes and two BAFTAs:

Meryl Streep among recipients of Spain’s Princess of Asturias Awards

To read the full speech:

For a reminder of five films that Streep is famous for:

Culture Re-View: Meryl Streep's top five performances

To read about her exchange with Antonio Banderas:

Antonio Banderas responds to Meryl Streep: 'A lot of people in a small theatre in Malaga are proud'
Keeping the home fires burning
Keeping the home fires burning

Many people who only visit Spain in the summer are surprised to hear that it gets cold in winter. In fact, in higher, more mountainous regions of Spain it gets very cold. If you have a real fire you might be interested in reading this article about how to go about collecting your own firewood:

Firewood Collection in Andalucia [Prepping for Spanish Winter]

This article describes some of the different types of firewood available:

Best wood for your fire this Winter

Here they explain why it’s better to buy in the spring and summer:

Why should you buy firewood in spring and summer?

This article explains more about how to store firewood:

How to store firewood correctly at home
When and why do the clocks change in Spain this autumn?
Why do the clocks go back?

There’s been talk for years about keeping the time as it is and not altering the clocks twice a year. Following the hour moving back on Sunday you might be interested to read this article about why, despite popular feeling otherwise, we continue to follow this bi-annual routine:

When and why do the clocks change in Spain this autumn?
What interests you?
What interests you?

We would welcome any suggestions for future themes you would like us to cover either in the newsletter or in an article on Spain Explained.

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