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International Edition - September 2020
Welcome to the September issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
Non-resident tax in Spain: The complete guide
Non-resident tax declarations

December is fast approaching and so is the deadline for making your non-resident tax declaration. If you have a property in Spain, even if you don’t live here, you need to make an annual tax declaration. The deadline for this is 31st December and it is more important than ever that you make sure your fiscal arrangements are up-to-date.

In this article we explain about tax obligations for non-residents including the imputed income tax and rental tax and what happens if you miss the deadline:

Sell a property in Spain: How to get everything ready
Preparing to sell? Read our advice

If you want a smooth and fast sale, then it’s not just about finding a buyer. You also need to make sure that your property is actually ready to sell. This doesn’t mean making sure that your porch has been painted or your bathroom is clean – although this can help! We mean that you have the correct paperwork in place so that the sale, when you do have a buyer, can proceed quickly without hold-ups.

In this article we explain how not having the correct building licences can prevent the sale from going through as quickly as you’d like and may even delay it to the point that you lose your buyer. There are actions you can take now to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you:

Inheritance in Spain. Difficult times made a little easier...
Inheritance - our video explains

The Spanish inheritance process is different from that in some other countries. Did you know that there is no automatic inheritance process between spouses here? If you want to have a say in who receives your property when you die then you will need to make a Spanish will.

It’s also important that you leave the necessary information for your inheritors so that they are able to make the arrangements they need to when the time comes. For example, are your inheritors aware of which bank you have an account with? We can advise you on the information you need to provide so that the inheritance process can go through with as little stress as possible:

Cautious optimism within the housing market
Some good news for house sellers

There is cautious optimism that the Spanish housing market might not slump to the same level that it did post 2008. A survey by Alicante University suggests that a number of different factors are involved. These include, more resilient and prepared property developers and the fact that there is current demand for properties with outside space and away from city centres. Some people who are now able to work from home are also considering the option of moving their home to somewhere sunny:

How post-Brexit bank changes could affect British people in Spain
Concern about British bank accounts

There has been a lot of media attention surrounding the issue of British bank accounts being closed if you live in Spain. Understandably this is causing alarm as many residents here use British accounts for their savings and for payment of their pensions.

However, you should not be panicking yet. It seems to be credit cards such as Barclaycard that are withdrawing their services. Current accounts, including with Barclays, do not appear to be threatened at the moment. This article from The Local Spain provides some useful information about the approach being taken by different banks and should offer some reassurance:

Moving to Altea Spain: The 2020 Guide
Moving to Altea - the 2020 guide

Altea is a charming town with many of the very traditional characteristics that you might expect from Spain. Narrow, cobbled streets and whitewashed houses – you have a little bit of a climb if you want to take in its spectacular views from the old town. In this article, our tour guide is David Ruiz of Torrevieja Translations. He describes what makes Altea a perfect place for a holiday home or a permanent

residence and introduces us to some of its most interesting attractions:

End of the Brexit transition period: what do Brits in Spain need to do now?
Preparing for Brexit - a little reminder

This article from the Local reminds British people living in Spain of what they should do before 31st December. Hopefully you can tick off each of these requirements:

Foreign offices: the Britons who work from home – abroad
Working from home - in Spain

The opportunity to move your office anywhere in the world is proving attractive for many people. In this Guardian article we read about three people who have opted to move to another country and enjoy the freedom of working from home in a new environment.

The article also outlines some of the issues that you might need to be aware of and some of the different parts of the world that are actually encouraging people to do move. The Canary Islands are one of those looking to replace some of the revenue lost from the tourist industry with income from ‘digital nomads’:

Dazzling makeover of 90-year-old Spanish lighthouse divides opinion
A little colour relief

What colour do you think a lighthouse should be? I suppose we mostly expect them to be whitewashed. Now, a 90-year-old Spanish lighthouse has certainly caused a stir with its multi-coloured geometric shapes and animals. The lighthouse, near the Cantabrian town of Ajo, is definitely bright and colourful and the plan is for any money it raises to be used for funding food banks in the area:

Valencian chef wins World Paella Day Cup (of course)
So, who makes the best paella?

Apparently it’s a chef from Valencia. Chabe Soler won the World Paella Day Cup and it’s good to see the winner is from the region famed for the origins of this traditional Spanish dish:

Spanish triathlete lets rival cross the line first after making mistake at the finish
In the true sporting spirit

We might feel that sport these days is all about hard-nosed competition - and then you read this. The Spanish athlete Diego Méntrida proves that the notion of fair play still lives on in the triathlon at least:

Solar panels for your Spanish home: pros and cons
Solar panel advice

You’d think with Spain’s sunshine record that solar panels would be the energy of choice for everyone. Well, it’s not quite as simple as that. Money Saver Spain outlines in their article the possible cost of installing the panels and balances this against the savings you might see:

An interesting tale of chocolate
An interesting tale of chocolate

Did you know that chocolate was once banned in parts of Spain? This is an interesting little article and although the chocolate museum it refers to is currently closed there are other chocolate museums around Spain you might like to visit:

And if you want to check out some of the facts or find out more you could try the ‘History of chocolate in Spain’ on Wikipedia:

Ten Of The First Turtles To Be Born In Murcia Region For 100 Years Released On Monday
A heart-warming animal story

To finish off our September newsletter here’s a reassuring account of success in rearing 10 loggerhead turtles in Murcia. This species of turtle is the largest of those with a hard shell and they can live to around 50 years of age. They are, however, under threat of extinction so preserving the eggs when they are found and protecting the young is a priority. So, well done!

What interests you?
What interests you?
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