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International Edition - September 2022
Welcome to the September issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
31st December is round the corner

Just as you were enjoying the cooler evenings we have to remind you that Christmas isn’t that far away. And why is that a concern of Ábaco’s? Just after Christmas, of course, is the non-resident tax return deadline. This is the time when you must pay your imputed income tax if you are not renting out your property.

The imputed income tax is an annual fee that many non-residents find confusing as they don’t actually have any income from Spain. However, it is a tax that’s levied on those for whom their Spanish property is a second home and are not resident here. You might not rent out your property but you could do, and as such are required to pay this tax.

As with all taxes in Spain, you won’t necessarily be given notice that it is due but you can be sure that a record will be kept and when it comes to selling or bequeathing your home any debts will be registered. To find out more and establish what your situation is you should read our articles on the subject:

Non-resident tax in Spain: The complete guide.
Treading grapes – an ÁbacoClub experience
Treading grapes – an ÁbacoClub experience

A great opportunity to actually squish some grapes. The event was hosted by Bodegas Faelo and ÁbacoClub members were able to drink a little wine, enjoy some tapas and have a go at treading grapes. We were invited to join in the bodega’s Harvest Festival Party on Sunday September 25th, , an occasion that’s celebrated annually with much pomp and enjoyment and this year we came along too.

We were wined and dined and the occasion was accompanied by a brass band. Club members were able to visit the wine cellars and have a go at treading the grapes for themselves. You can see what we got up to on the ÁbacoClub Facebook page:
Living in Moraira Spain: The Definitive Guide
The attractions of Moraira

Once more David Ruiz introduces us to a glorious part of Spain and one where you might choose to settle. This is the perfect setting if you want somewhere that’s a little laid back and where you can relax and enjoy unspoilt scenery. It’s about 80 km to the north of Alicante and not far from Denia, towards the northern tip of the Costa

It’s a historic town including the obligatory castle and a watchtower built in 1553. Like many coastal towns, there was the threat of pirates and the relics and ancient buildings reflect this. Moraira also enjoys its own beautiful beaches which slope gently into the Mediterranean Sea. Read more about this enchanting town:
Are you British and still holding out from your TIE?

By now, most British nationals eligible have swapped their green residencia paper or card for a new TIE card. There are advantages in that the TIE can be used in many places as an identity card, a function that only a foreigner’s passport used to provide. However, those stalling might be doing so because the residencia was not time limited whereas the TIE is. Although there is still no embargo on the green residencia, those holding out should consider the advantages of making the change.

If you want to avoid the rush if it does become obligatory then it might be a good idea to make the move now. David Ruiz and colleagues provide just such a service and you can read his article about EU versus Non-EU residency here:
Spain plans ‘digital nomad’ visa scheme to attract remote workers
Digital nomads welcome

What is a digital nomad? It’s not the most flattering of titles but it could be the most lucrative to have if you would like to live and work in Spain and are not an EU resident. If you work remotely for a business outside of Spain then you might be eligible for this visa which comes complete with a tax break. The plan to introduce the visa is still not finalized but it could prove attractive to those who want to live here in the near future:
Cruises back in action
Cruises back in action

The word on the street is, that after a pretty lean period, cruises are making a comeback, big style. Both Cartagena and Malaga are boasting good recovery figures. Cartagena port claims to have played host to 100,000 cruise passengers already this year:

Cartagena Port Sails To 100,000 Cruises Passengers So Far This Year

The Olive Press advertises that Malaga is expecting 113 cruise ships this autumn:

However, both sources of information concede that numbers are not yet up to those of 2019 but at least recovery seems in sight.
Are you a ‘60s or ‘70s fan?

What in your view was the best decade for popular music? In El País in English, Fernando Navarro, provides his opinion that in actual fact it is the seventies which really has made the greatest impact. Whether you agree or not, it is an interesting perspective that you might like to read more about:

The Basque cheesecake taking Turkey by storm
San Sebastián Cheesecake storms Turkey

It’s a rather unusual story but apparently the cheesecake, well-known in the Basque Country, is now a hit in Istanbul. The sudden popularity of this dish appears to be linked to social media influencers and is perhaps just an example of how ‘influencers’ can really make a difference to habits internationally as well as in their own country:
Gold, alchemists, nanospheres: How the mystery of the Alhambra’s purple stains was solved
Why is the Alhambra stained?

The Alhambra Palace in Granada continues to present us with its own set of mysteries. The latest one to be debated is why some of the gilded plasterwork appears to be covered in what could be described as a ‘purplish smudge’. Someone has made this their life’s work to uncover the origin of this strange phenomenon and you can read about it in El País in English:

Catch up on local news
Catch up on local news

If you live locally to Torrevieja and want to find out what’s happening in the region then you might want to browse over the Costa Blanca People. It’s a weekly free paper that provides news and information of interest to those both living in and visiting the area:

The Costa Blanca News is also a paper publicizing news about the region. For example, they’re currently spreading some very welcome news about improved rail links between Orihuela, Torrevieja and Alicante airport. A development that would be much appreciated by many. You have to pay for this paper which you can obtain as an e-paper or buying a copy:

Rail links proposed for Alicante province
Coldplay: Why such an irritating band can fill more venues than any other on the planet
How do you feel about Coldplay?

Do you love them or hate them or are you currently scratching your head and wondering who they are? Whatever your view, this piece in El País in English provides an interesting perspective on what’s brought the band to the top and keeps them there even though they are the target of so much hate:

Coldplay: Why such an irritating band can fill more venues than any other on the planet
What interests you?
What interests you?

We would welcome any suggestions for future themes you would like us to cover either in the newsletter or in an article on Spain Explained.

Please let us know by email at

Thank you!
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