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News and information from Spain
International Edition - September 2023
Welcome to the September issue of 'The Word on the Street'. This is your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.
The Energy Performance Certificate in Spain
The Energy Performance Certificate

If you are buying, selling or renting a property then it is important that you are aware of the function and requirements surrounding the EPC. Intended to encourage people to seek ways of reducing their energy use, it is a legal requirement in Spain. In this article we explain what it consists of, when you need one and how to obtain it:
Winter rentals in Spain: Legal and tax implications
Winter rentals in Spain

Winter rentals in Spain are a lucrative market. In this article we explain the basics of the rental contract. What you can claim back as expenses on your rental and how to pay rental tax:

The community of owners in Spain
The community of owners

Most urbanisations and blocks of flats in Spain have a ‘community of owners’. This is the organisation that takes decisions about how the urbanisation is maintained and puts in place the plans to do so. There are set requirements around how the community of owners is run and, by and large, they are highly effective in making sure that common areas are looked after and standards are kept. In this article we explain more about them:

ÁbacoClub Facebook

For our latest activity, ÁbacoClub members took part in a nutritional workshop at Comerb nutricionista in Almoradí. They learnt about the Mediterranean diet and cooked several dishes to eat, accompanied by wine from La Mata Vineyards. To find out what else has been happening you can follow them on Facebook:

Living in Fuengirola Spain: The Definitive Guide
Take a trip to Fuengirola

Or why not even live there? It’s a popular Costa del Sol coastal town that is home to many foreign residents and their families. With its stunning beaches, historic town centre and reputation for excellent gastronomy it really is worth a visit. David Ruiz takes us on a tour and introduces us to some of its best features:

Living in Fuengirola Spain: The Definitive Guide
Digital nomads embrace their unique way of life
Welcome to the world of the digital nomad

One of the ways in which you can now gain residency in Spain is by being classed as a digital nomad. People who can take their work with them have the luxury of choosing their home without the restrictions of the long commute. In this article we hear about people who have done just that and how they are making the most of this flexible lifestyle:

Digital nomads embrace their unique way of life
How to do your ITV

We’ve had requests for more information about the process of getting your car through its ITV. This is the regular check that is completed on cars over four years old and is done every two years until your car is 10. After this you can expect to have to complete it annually. In this article the N332 explains how you can do checks of your own prior to going to the ITV centre:

Here is some more advice that could be useful, particularly if you live in the Malaga region:

How to Take an ITV Test in Spain

The N332 debunk some myths surrounding the ITV:

Mandatory Dog Insurance In Spain To Take Effect Next Month
Dog liability insurance

From September 29th it has been a requirement that dog owners take out public liability insurance for their pets. This was part of the legal requirements included in the Animal Welfare Law introduced in March. The insurance covers damage to third parties and may already be included in some home insurances. The cost of the insurance is reported as being relatively low – between 24 euros and 90 euros a year. It is unclear how the regulation will be enforced or what the penalties might be for not concurring:

Mandatory Dog Insurance In Spain To Take Effect Next Month
Keep Your Air Conditioner In Tip-top Condition To Beat The Heat
Give your Aircon a break

No doubt your air conditioning unit has been working hard over these past few summer months. Now is the time to give it the respect it deserves and a makeover. In this article from Murcia Today, we are given some advice about how to spruce it up and why you should do so:

Over 200,000 British Expats In Spain Yet To Exchange Residency Documentation
Have you changed to the TIE?

It’s recently been broadcast that more than 200,000 British residents in Spain have not yet traded in their green residency document for a TIE card. This is in spite of repeated encouragement from the authorities to do so.

Overall, the process of obtaining the TIE card for those already with an EU green residency certificate is not a complex procedure. It has proved more difficult, however, for those who began the process without any documentation. Although there are benefits to holding the new card – including the fact that it is photo ID. Those holding out may be doing so partly because their existing certificate has no expiry date whilst the TIE card must be renewed at intervals:

Free papers in English
Free papers in English

The number of free papers available has reduced over the years but we’re pleased to say that there are still a few that are going strong. These papers are available to read online at no cost.

The Leader

Headlines from this week’s issue include:

  • Orihuela investing in its cleaning services
  • San Miguel residents want their park back
  • Rules for cat owners
  • Reflections on the Spanish political situation

Costa Blanca People

Headlines from this week’s issue include:

Reporting of another incidence of gender violence
Concerns about the Spanish real estate market
Heads up over La Mata’s Virgen del Rosario festivities

Costa Blanca People Edition 19/09-25/09/2023

We know that there are some free papers available in other languages too, so let us know about them and we’ll give them a mention in future newsletters.
What will our homes look like in the future?
What will our homes look like in the future?

Idealista does a little speculating and comes up with six trends that they think could dictate how home design develops in the future:

As well as advertising a vast range of rental properties and properties to buy, Idealista also publish a number of articles on Spain, lifestyle and legal and financial matters too. This article on ‘How much money do you need to take out a mortgage in Spain?’ might be of interest for example:

How much money do you need to take out a mortgage in Spain?
Why It's Time To Stop Saying 'Sí' When Answering The Phone In Spain
No to ‘si’

Healthplan Magazine has published some interesting articles on their website, including this one warning you about the best way to answer your phone. In the wake of AI and voice imposters, this article advises the use of ‘Diga?’ rather than ‘si’ when you pick up the phone:

Why It's Time To Stop Saying 'Sí' When Answering The Phone In Spain
Leader of Spain's conservatives faces slim chances of winning Parliament approval for his government
Update on who will be President

Following Spain’s general elections, there is still no decision as to who will continue as the new leading political party. This article from the Independent explains where the country is at the moment in the process of trying to agree on a Parliament and what will happen next if it can’t:

Street food market
Street food market

Street food has become a popular trend in eating out. An informal way of ‘filling your boots’ with traditional and not-so-traditional finger-licking food. Torrevieja will host its own Street Food Market from 11th October to 15th October 2023. For more details:

Street Food Market Torrevieja 2023

Carers support group
Are you a carer?

Who supports you when you’re supporting someone else? There are many foreigners living in Spain who look after a family member in their homes. It can be a difficult and sometimes lonely job. Now the Help Vega Baja Charity has announced the creation of a carers’ support group that will meet monthly in San Miguel Library. For more information:

What interests you?
What interests you?

We would welcome any suggestions for future themes you would like us to cover either in the newsletter or in an article on Spain Explained.

Please let us know by email at newsletter@abacoadvisers.com.

Thank you!
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