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Welcome to the November issue of 'The Word on the Street'. Your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. In a couple of columns we hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.

The Island of Tabarca

Pomegranate fruit, Alicante

They're all debating Corvera

Sometimes it seems as though everyone is following the highs, lows and generally bumpy ride of Corvera Airport. Now Spanish TV has been in on the action with a documentary. An interesting summary of what the programme on Cuatro TV had to say can be found in this blog:

Another 'top' list

You might have already noticed that I am a little partial to The Local's 'top…' series. In this case its Spain's most beautiful villages. Why not browse and perhaps even visit…

What's your favourite month?

We all have our favourite months in Spain. For some the heat and bustle of the summer make July and August popular, for others, they are to be avoided.

For the poster of this blog on Spain, September is the best month. She gives some compelling reasons why too.

For those commenting after the blog it seems that close contenders are October, May and June. July and August just being too hot and busy and the early part of the year having its own bouts of cold and wet weather. If not perhaps as cold and wet as you would expect in some other countries.

What is your favourite month and why?

Being a grandparent abroad

When talking to our resident clients one of the main concerns for many is how they will maintain links with the family and friends they leave behind. The concerns can be particularly acute for those with grandchildren. Obstacles there might be, but they are not insurmountable.

You might need to start off considering whether you are technology native or a technology immigrant. Either way, harnessing technology can help prevent the feelings of isolation from children and grandchildren who live abroad.

This article is actually focused on Amsterdam but many of the issues are the same when you are separated, whichever country you live in:


All you need to know about non-resident taxes

We have published many articles over the years about taxes. After all, we are a legal and tax firm so it's only to be expected.

However, we were aware that these are individual articles that perhaps just give part of the non-resident tax story when what people really need is the full picture. So, we have put together a leaflet that explains from start to finish what taxes you should be paying as a non-resident.

Hopefully, if you did have any questions our article will answer them:

Keeping updated

The Valencian government has created its own website for those considering buying property in the region.

It includes reassuring information and is aimed at restoring and ensuring confidence in the buying process:

Making the most of your store cards

Do you completely avoid them or use them selectively? There are benefits to having a store card. This article covers some of the main stores in Spain and their cards from El Corte Inglés to Kiabi:

It's not just about the money

It's so refreshing when you come across a story that shows money really can't buy everything. In this case it's a shepherd who has caught the headlines because of his dogged determination to keep his land in spite of strong incentives to sell.

Of course, there are two sides to every story and it's quite possible that this shepherd's actions will cause other repercussions of which we aren't aware. However, it is good to know that sometimes the power of money does have its limits:

The scary little things

When are you out of your comfort zone in Spain? Is it when you're driving, replacing your bottle of gas, trying to get a medical appointment? Living in a new country presents many challenges. Every activity you engage in is done differently (by and large) and often in a different language.

Although this article is based upon an expats experience of Holland it must strike a chord for many people who have upped sticks and moved. I also love the description of buying a leg of lamb in Madrid in the comments below it. I can totally empathise with this one!:



Sagrada Familia - a peep into the future

If you haven't already been to Barcelona then it really should be on your list of things to do. It's an amazing city with so much to see. Perhaps one of the highlights on any site-seeing visit is a trip to the Sagrada Familia Cathedral.

Perhaps what's particularly amazing is that this UNESCO World Heritage site is not even finished yet. If you would like a sneak preview into what it might look like when it is, you should click here:

Do you like bocadillos?

The Spanish bocadillo is perhaps not my favourite snack but it remains a good way of filling a space when you're in a hurry. In this article, a slightly tongue-in-cheek David Ruiz shares his personal experiences of this famous sandwich. Just how many do you think he is likely to have eaten in his life time?:

Looking for a different day out?

If you are within reach of Cartagena, then you might enjoy a day out at Parque Rafael de la Cerda. It's quite an unusual venue with a mixture of activities that should provide an exhilarating if tiring day. If you would like a go on an adult zip wire, to get lost in a maze or try your luck across a rope bridge, then find out more here:

Moors and Christians

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Moors and Christians

Cartagena, Murcia


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