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Welcome to the October issue of 'The Word on the Street'. Your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. In a couple of columns we hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.

Non-resident tax declaration

It's that time of year again. No, not just the lead up to Christmas but the lead up to the non-resident tax declaration deadline of 31st December.

If you are a non-resident and are not clear about what this means for you, read our article:

Of course, if you are already an Ábaco client you have no need to worry. It will be done for you.

Dealing with dog mess

Owners that don't clean up after their dogs must be one of the least liked groups of people on the planet. It's a real problem in many areas of Spain and often contributes to letters in the free press.

In this blog, written from personal experience, I raise a few issues facing dog owners and those living alongside them:

It's not an easy one to solve though. There have been campaigns in our local town to highlight the problem and dog owners who don't clean up the mess can be fined up to 1,500 euros. However, these previous campaigns seem to have had little impact if our urbanisation is anything to go by.

Have you had problems with your British passport application?

Over the summer there were lengthy delays for those applying for a new British passport. This followed the recent change over from processing taking place in Madrid to Belfast. Was there a link perhaps? We look at the story behind the passport agency scene:

Tips for moving abroad

If you're thinking about doing it, there's plenty of good advice here. If you've done it already you might want to reflect on what you would do differently another time. Either way, these two lists of suggestions make an interesting read:


Some advice from a reader

It's always good to get feedback from the newsletter. Thanks very much to Jenny Dodd who supplied this information about the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona:

'I visited the Sagrada Familia 2 weeks ago and it is now considered completed inside and is absolutely fabulous, all natural light and bright and airy.

Easiest way to avoid the queue for tickets is to book online and you walk straight in at your appointment time. Well worth doing.

I went to Barcelona specifically to see this; last time was 2002, so this can now be crossed off the list of things to do. Satisfied!'

If that doesn't encourage you to visit, I'm not sure what will. After two unsuccessful 'attempts' at getting inside, I will definitely try booking online next time.

HELP in hospital

If you do live in Spain and have to spend time in either Torrevieja or Vega Baja hospital it is worthwhile being aware that HELP visits patients and their families if they are alerted to you being there.

They can also provide assistance in a number of other ways including arranging orthopaedic equipment and conducting home visits to help give advice and information about care in the home when you leave the hospital.

If you do wish to contact them or to find out more:

Unclear about car seats for children?

We all know that the police in Spain have been checking up on the correct use of car seats for children recently, but do you know what the correct use actually is?

We came across a very clear article from Lisa Sadleir and 'Family Life in Spain'. Keep it for reference for yourself or to advise the family.

Car Seats in Spain: Understanding the Law:

More research on Alzheimers

This time the research has been conducted in Spain. Researchers at Santiago de Compostela University have published research to suggest that having a varied vocabulary helps to prevent against the risk of developing the disease.

What you do about it if you haven't got a large vocabulary isn't clear. However, it does seem to support other findings which have linked together second language learning with the delay of Alzheimers. Perhaps another reason to learn Spanish!


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