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Welcome to the August /September issue of ‘The Word on the Street’. Your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Advisers. We hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.

Marbella Port

Marbella – here we come!

We are delighted to announce that Ábaco are branching out with a new office in Marbella. This new base will be beneficial to those of our clients living further south and we aim to deliver the same high standard of customer care and professionalism in this new outlet.

In Marbella we will be offering the same services as are available from our Alicante and Torrevieja offices. Our address is Urb. La Alzambra local 3-1, oficina nº3, Marbella (Nueva Andalucía) so if you are in the area, do come in and see us.

How well has Spain implemented the smoking indoors ban?

It used to be on every forum and the subject of much heated argument. Years on from the ban on smoking indoors, how is Spain doing when it comes to cutting out the weed?

In this article Spain Explained looks at what the World Health Organisation has to say in their report.

Spain’s top 10 museums

Spain is fortunate in having a wide selection of art museums for you to choose from. This selection of the 10 best, according to Eye on Spain, is definitely worthing keeping in case you find yourself visiting one of these cities.

The buildings they are housed in themselves represent quite an interesting range of age and design.

La Mata celebrates

As the crowds recede a little in September so it’s a good time to start travelling around a little more and taking part in some regional celebrations.

Throughout most of September La Mata  is hosting a variety of events in celebration of their patron saint, Rosario. The festivities extend from Friday 11th September until Sunday 4th October and include bicycle riding, fancy dress parades as well as the more usual solemn processions.

For the itinerary, Eurotour guide provides a more detailed list:

New look Murcia Today

If you’re a fan of the Murcia Today website but haven’t visited it recently you might be surprised when you next do. The Murcia team have made some changes and included a new look and new features on Spanish News Today.

It’s always been a good source of information, both national and local and now we think it’s even better:

You can find details of what’s new in their September news round up:


A furniture solution

If you are looking for help with furnishing a property then you might like to know that Easy Spain, associates of Ábaco, has just launched a new service.

They are offering high quality furniture, directly from the Spanish manufacturer. Cutting out the middle man means that the prices are between 30% to 40% cheaper than their market value.

It’s a simple process too. You can choose a package to meet your needs price wise and space wise. Anything from furnishing a full house to a selected room or just some individual items of furniture. It’s up to you.

Everything is included, that means IVA (VAT), labour, transport and assembly. To see the different furniture packages:

With all this talk of immigration

It is interesting to look at the population shift patterns across the world. Who really does have the most migration? There are maps here too to show which countries have the highest GDP, youth unemployment and city growth. Some of the results might surprise you but others are very predictable:

If you’d like to act rather than talk about refugees

There’s been a lot of talk about it and the mood might be changing towards refugees but what can you practically do to help them? The Local has put together six suggestions:

Heading out from Torrevieja

Here are five really good suggestions for places to visit if you live in Torrevieja. Of course, you can visit these places wherever you happen to live in Spain and some of them are in fact a little distance to travel from Torrevieja itself.

As someone points out in a comment at the end of the article. They are just a taster...

Corvera v. San Javier is back

San Javier airport has recently found another supporter - its council. The four political parties of San Javier council have all agreed to defend local jobs and maintain the same level of commercial activity at the aiport.

In fact they would even like to see it expand further with more commercial opportunities. Murcia Today again keep us up-to-date:


Spain continues to do it well

Certainly, when it comes to transplants. This is the 24th year running that Spain has come out as the world leader in organ transplants.

Think Spain report that Spain has 36 donors per million inhabitants and that a total of 1,682 organs were donated last year and 4,360 transplant operations conducted.

Find out more about Spain’s impressive record:


Hot spot advice for a romantic fling

No doubt, this is advice that you really don’t need and we’re not recommending that you try it out either. However, it’s always interesting to know these things... just in case. Before you do take a look - where do you think the hot spots might be?

Spectacular hotel views

If you’re looking for an excuse to travel to another part of Spain but you’re not sure where to go, why not try one of these hotels. El País in English has selected ten hotel room with fabulous sea views.

Even if this is not on your itinerary right now, why not pick one and dream?

Before you buy – visit the pound

Whether you live in the UK or Spain and are thinking of buying a dog, why not try your local dog pound first?

The dogs that are up for adoption are desperately looking for a home and one of them might just be the right match for you. Wherever you live in Spain there is likely to be a municipal pound or ‘perrera municipal’ somewhere near you. They can be difficult to find so you might have to ask.

For the dog pound in Torrevieja ‘Perrera Municipal de Torrevieja’ you can look on their Facebook page at the dogs currently available for adoption:


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