The documents you need to sell your house in Spain

Selling property in Spain - documents needed

Conveyancing Monday, October 22, 2012
Selling  property in Spain - documents needed

Where do you start when it comes to selling your property in Spain? Perhaps the first and foremost necessity in the current climate is a buyer. If you do manage to find someone who wants to buy your property at a price that is reasonable to you, then the biggest hurdle is over.

However, you’re not completely in the clear. In the same way as you needed to be careful when purchasing your Spanish property you also have to be cautious that all the correct Spanish paper work and ‘signing off’ arrangements are in place when you are selling your house in Spain too.  

Perhaps your first hurdle is to collect together all the necessary Spanish documents. You will need to supply your legal representative with the following original documents:

  • Purchase Title Deed
  • Receipt for Notary Fees
  • Receipt for Local Rates/ Council Tax (IBI)
  • Latest water bill and contract (or the contract reference number)
  • Receipt for the last payment of the Community Fees
  • Name and telephone number of the administrator of the Community of Owners
  • NIE number
  • Certificate of Habitation
  • Installation Certificates for electricity, water and gas
  • Wealth and Income Tax Declarations from the previous year
  • Certificate from your bank showing your full name and the account number (20 digits)
  • If you have already received a deposit from a potential purchaser your lawyer will require proof of this payment

Your lawyer will help you if you have difficulty locating any of these and a replacement is needed. What is most important to remember is that you should not sign anything without consulting your legal representative first.

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