What to do if your electricity is cut off in Spain

Life in Spain Wednesday, February 27, 2013
What to do if your electricity is cut off in Spain

We rely so much on our services that when they are cut off it comes as something of a shock. If you lose your electricity in Spain, in particular, you suddenly realise just how much you rely on it. There’s no television, internet, phone line. You can’t boil the kettle or put on the fan. You’re lucky if you have some gas appliances so at least you can still have hot water and a shower.

Depending where you are based, you can also be subject to the odd power failure in Spain that is not your fault. The electricity does go off occasionally, particularly if the weather has been bad. However, in this blog I’m talking about what you should do if the electricity is cut off and this time it is your fault.

It might be that you have forgotten to pay your Spanish electricity bill or you just didn’t leave enough money in your account to pay it. The difference between Spain and many other countries is that if you don’t pay your bill you don’t get numerous warnings. They will send one letter to inform you that the bill has not been paid and the date when it will be disconnected if you don’t catch up with the arrears. That’s it.

It can get worse. If you still haven’t paid your bill two to three weeks after your electricity has been cut off then they will send an electrician round to remove your meter. This makes the process of being reconnected even more complicated.

If you have just been cut off then you should go to your electricity provider’s nearest office, explain the situation and find out how much there is to pay. You will need to pay this in at a bank taking your electricity bill with you and then collecting the receipt of payment. You will then need to return to the electricity provider, show the receipt of payment and hopefully they should arrange to have you reconnected over the next couple of days. If the meter has been removed, it will take longer.

Of course, the best solution is not to let your bill go unpaid in the first place. Make sure you always leave enough money in your bank and a bit extra, just in case.

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