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Our guide to making your tax return in Spain

Taxes Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Resident taxes in Spain

If you are a resident in Spain then it is very likely that you will have to make a resident tax declaration annually. This declaration or tax return provides evidence of your income in Spain that can be used for a number of reasons, including determining your prescription charges. The process is quite straight forward and below we explain what it entails in more detail.

If you live in Spain for more than 183 days then you are a resident. Those days do not have to be sequential, so it doesn’t count if you pop back to your home country for a few days and then return. It’s how many days you spend in Spain over the course of the whole year that counts.

As a resident you should be aware that the vast majority of people are required to make a resident tax return in Spain. Although some other conditions do apply, this generally includes a pensioner receiving a pension from abroad that totals more than 12,000€ a year. It also applies to you if you are an early retiree and have an income through interest of more than 1,000€ or an income through renting of more than 1,000€ a year.

Even if you don’t come into one of these two groups, and most people do, we still recommend that you make a resident tax return in Spain if you are a resident. It provides evidence of your income and can be used to prove your fiscal residency.

What you must do

Hopefully we have now convinced you about the importance of this piece of paper. The next stage is to complete it. The final tax return date in Spain is the 30th June each year. However, most fiscal representatives start the process in April. Your declaration will cover the previous tax year. So, for example, if you make a tax declaration in Spain in June 2017 it will be for your income during the tax year January 2016 until December 2016.

You will need to take documents to your appointment and you should check with your tax adviser what documents you will need to avoid a wasted journey. On the form you will declare your world-wide income including rental income, income from pensions and any other investments or interest you might receive.

The appointment at Ábaco usually takes about an hour and the tax return in Spain is completed online. It is quite a straightforward process provided you have all the documentation you need.

This means that you will get to know immediately if there is anything to pay or even, if you will get a tax refund. In the case of a refund the Spanish Tax Authority must return the money within six months and usually do so well before this deadline. Refunds are paid directly into your bank account.

You should be aware that there have been cases of bogus emails being sent purporting to be from the Spanish tax office and saying that a tax refund is due. The recipient is then asked to enter certain details in order to receive their refund. The Spanish Tax Authority does not give refunds in this way and they would never ask for your credit card details.

It’s your responsibility

You have to remember that in Spain you are not spoon fed when it comes to paying your taxes. People can mistake the fact that they may not be contacted by the Tax Office with them not being bothered about their contribution. This is not the case.

What usually happens on non-payment of taxes is that at some point, for example when you come to sell your house or it is bequeathed as part of an inheritance, you realise that the Spanish Tax Authority has been taking note all long. You then have to rectify the omission, with interest, or you discover that you are not classed as ‘resident’ for fiscal purposes. Being classed as a resident is particularly important if you do not want to have 3% of your house price retained on sale.

Making a resident tax return in Spain is a simple process and you may even have a zero return to make. Residents should mark the 30th June in their diary and make sure that they are tax compliant.

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