Selling a Property in Spain

A comprehensive sales service. A process you can trust.

Our comprehensive conveyancing service is one you can trust. Our experienced and dedicated sales team keep the seller informed throughout. Our personalized service ensures that selling property in Spain is a completely reliable process with guaranteed success.

The steps involved in conveyancing can be confusing when you are selling property in another country. With our knowledge of property selling practices both in Spain and in your home country, we can ensure that you understand the process. Ábaco Advisers has been responsibly selling property in Spain since 1999. We hope that you will trust us to sell your Spanish property too.

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Dependable solutions for managing the sale of your Spanish property

We represent your interests and make you a priority

Three reasons to sign up for our sales service:

A sales process you can trust
Our team of legal advisors and solicitors provide maximum clarity and transparency

Our team of legal advisors and solicitors provide maximum clarity and transparency.  

Guiding you every step of the way
Guiding you every step of the property sale process

A property sale in Spain consists of several stages. We will manage each one for you, as well as addressing any problems that may arise at any point in the process.

Kept informed throughout
Kept informed in your own language throughout the property sale

Our team of legal specialists will manage the sale and report back to you in your own language. 

Key features included in our Selling Service

Pre Sale
  • Drawing up the private contract
  • Search for debts held against the property: contact with the bank to cancel any remaining mortgages
  • Ordering the second occupancy license if necessary
  • Obtaining the certificate of no outstanding debts from the owners’ community for signing at the notary
During the sale
  • Signing of the contract
  • Organising the signing at the notary and methods of payment
  • Signing of the deed either in person or by power of attorney
  • Detailed translation of the signing of the deed before a notary
  • Management of all tax payments associated with the sale
  • Cancellation of bank accounts by power of attorney if necessary
  • Organising the mortgage cancellation before a notary
  • Personalized attention
    • We will be by your side throughout the notary process
Post Sale
  • Securing the 3% tax retention/deduction return where it has been improperly withheld (in case of improper withholding)
  • Year-round consultation
  • Ábaco Helpline
  • Ábaco Newsletter
  • A very prompt and efficient service. In all the years I have dealt with this company I have found the staff most obliging, fiendly and polite.

    James Steane
  • Very good service, very helpful and approachable.

    John Murphy
  • First class service received. Very well explained every step of the way. Highly recommended.

    Barry Monks
  • Very high standard. Explanations very good and easy to understand. Could not be more helpful!

    David McConnell
  • Selling a Property in Spain
    Selling a Property in Spain
    Selling a Property in Spain
    Selling a Property in Spain

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