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Take advantage of the current donation taxes

Recently the European courts required Spain to modify its inheritance and donation tax laws, applying the same reduced tax rate for non-residents and residents. Previous to this non-residents were charged a much higher level of inheritance tax and donation tax than residents.

Now, following Brexit, this protection could be removed from the British when it comes to inheriting or donating their property and goods. Once they are no longer members of the European Union the European laws will no longer apply and Spain will be able to reinstate the differential.

However, until the UK leaves the EU, British people can continue to take advantage of the benefits that come with membership. Reduced donation tax is one of them. Therefore if you have considered donating your property rather than leaving it as inheritance, now is a good time to do so.

We can discuss with you how coming out of the EU might impact negatively on your inheritors and how you can avoid this by donating your property now. Take advantage of the favourable tax situation at present by using our Donation Service.

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We will take care of everything on your behalf

If you’ve been thinking ahead and want to make sure that your inheritors don’t face a hefty tax bill, now is the time to talk about it. Following a European court directive, non-residents have benefited from a reduction in inheritance and donation tax. This could change with Brexit.

Three reasons why you should choose our Donation Service:

Benefit from current tax advantages
Benefit from current tax advantages

As European citizens you are still in a position to take advantage of the generous donation tax allowances that now apply to non-residents as well as residents

No need to travel to Spain
No need to travel to Spain

Constant contact maintained throughout the process with our customer-focused service

Peace of mind for your future
Peace of mind for your future

For you and your loved ones, wherever they live and wherever your property is located.

Key features included in our Donation service:

We will give you all the help necessary to manage your donation in Spain.
A smooth and straightforward transfer:
  • Personal attention from a specialist lawyer to advise you of the process
  • A calculation of the donation tax if any is payable  
  • Contact in our offices, through e-mail or by telephone
  • Constant contact in order to keep you informed at each stage
All the legal procedures involved in donation
  • Speedy acquisition of the donee's NIE
  • Organisation of the power of attorney in Spain or in your own country
  • Legalisation of all foreign documents before the notary, if necessary
  • Signing the donation documents through a power of attorney before the Notary
  • Declaration Donation tax, and corresponding tax payment, if applicable
Services after the signing of the donation deed
  • Change of name and arrangements for donee’s bank account
  • Change of name with utility companies and with the community of owners
  • Registration of any changes at the Land Registry
  • Payment of plusvalía tax for the property (local tax based on increase in the value of the land)
Additional services
  • Advice and assistance with the annual Spanish property taxes for the donees as new owners
  • Preparation of documentation for an eventual sale of the property

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