Because we care

Caring for our community

It is the spirit of our company, why we exist, and the attitude that enables us to find solutions. It shows exactly what we believe in.It is what contributes to ensuring our clients continue with us.

Of course, we care for our clients but we care for our community too. This year we’ve gone the extra mile by:

Tax, Tea and Travel
It is perhaps an unusual combination, but we know that talking tax isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
Abaco Ayuda
The economic crisis in Spain is hitting the most vulnerable hard. The unemployed, seasonal workers and the low-paid have children. Through periods of hardship, such...
Spanish prescription charges
The new co-payment system The cost of prescriptions in Spain is increasing. The new system is being implemented in two stages: Stage 1
Seminars for associations
We are delighted to visit your clubs and associations and provide advice about all aspects of legal and fiscal issues. We have presented seminars, spoken at dinners, and attended...
Open days
There's nothing quite like having the opportunity to meet up with our clients in a more informal environment. Ábaco occasionally arrange open day events which provide the chance for clients and non-...