Free Spanish inheritance advice

A free, personalised assessment of your Spanish inheritance

Following a bereavement it can be very confusing for those people left behind. When the property is located in another country it makes it even more difficult for bereaved relatives to engage in inheritance planning. That’s where Ábaco can help.

We invite you to a FREE consultation at our offices, by e-mail or on the telephone. Our free Spanish inheritance planning service is delivered by an inheritance specialist. It will provide you with advice about your Spanish inheritance and give you a cost estimate of how much any Spanish inheritance tax might be.

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Consultations at our offices, by e-mail or on the telephone

Advice, information and tax calculation following a bereavement

Three benefits of attending a free inheritance consultation:

Advice about your inheritance
Advice about your inheritance process in Spain

We will help you understand the inheritance process in Spain and explain what the next step should be.

Cost estimate of the process
Cost estimate of the inheritance process in Spain

We will provide you with details of what you can expect to pay and when.

How to pay in instalments
Help to pay inheritance costs

We can help you pay inheritance costs in a way that is easier for you.

Key features of our free consultation service

Helpful advice and information for you after a bereavement.
Advice and information about your inheritance
  • Introduction and overview of inheritance procedures in Spain
  • A check of the documents you need and what you have available
  • Clarification of what receiving your inheritance means for you
  • Clear, concise and sympathetic guidance
  • Information folder including the study of your inheritance situation
Your individual inheritance cost calculation
  • A calculation of your inheritance tax
  • A cost estimate for the inheritance process
  • Arrangements for paying in instalments
  • I had expected to get some verbal answer to some of my questions, but I got much more, a complete analysis of my particular situation in written form.

    Lasse J.
  • Ábaco dealt with everything on my behalf and I really appreciate their support and the way they have got involved with us.

    Kerstin H.
  • Being a foreigner in Spain, it is very important to have a legal representative that you can trust and who is easy to contact; in the case of Ábaco, this has never been a problem.

    Claes M.
  • It was lovely to meet you last week and thank you for your help. Thank you for putting my mind at rest.

    Jean A.
  • I could not have solved this without you. I am so greatful of the work you do for me.

    Anita H.
  • Inheritance planning: Free Consultation
    Inheritance planning: Free Consultation
    Inheritance planning: Free Consultation
    Inheritance planning: Free Consultation
    Inheritance planning: Free Consultation

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