Case Studies

Examples of how we've helped our clients

After her husband died, Mrs. W decided to fulfil her life long dream and move out to Spain with her sister.


They had found a property they liked and had agreed a purchase price with the estate agent. The agent recommended a solicitor who they could use. After visiting the solicitor they were rather concerned that the ‘English speaker’ did not really understand them and seemed unable to answer their questions.

Whilst reading one of the local papers they came across an article that advised Spanish property purchasers to use an independent solicitor committed to protecting their best interests. Increasingly concerned because of other stories they had heard, they decided to approach Ábaco for their advice.

During the consultation they were told about the different stages of the purchase and about the property taxes they would need to pay. None of this information had been made available to them before and made a difference to their calculations. They were able to make some adjustments to their plans to refurbish the property and continued with the purchase knowing exactly what to expect. 

Mr. T’s health was deteriorating. Mr. and Mrs. T decided it was time to return to the UK.


They were lucky and soon found a purchaser for their property which was well-maintained and in a popular part of Murcia. The sale seemed to be going smoothly but they were a little concerned when their solicitor suggested that they declare a different purchase price to the Tax Authority to cut down on the amount of capital gains tax they needed to pay.

A neighbour who had moved three years ago had recently been in contact to tell them that he had received a complementary tax bill from the Spanish Tax Authority on the property he had sold in Spain. He had declared the selling price but because he had sold so cheaply the tax authority did not believe he had declared the right amount. He was charged complementary tax to the sum of 1,870.00€.

Mr. and Mrs. T found Ábaco’s complementary tax webpage and were given the advice that they should declare the correct amount and might also need to prepare for a complementary tax demand in the future. However, their contact with Ábaco would mean that if one was received Ábaco would be able to act on their behalf and had a very good success rate in appealing.

Mr. D, non-resident, had found a Swedish buyer for his Spanish property.


Erik Karlsson was keen to move ahead with his property purchase but both purchaser and seller were finding that communication was a little difficult. Erik’s English was not very good and neither was that of the solicitor he was using.

The issue came to a head when Erik’s solicitor tried to explain to John about the 3% retention that needed to be deducted from the purchase price. This is normal procedure for all properties that are sold by a non-resident in Spain. However, John had not heard of it before and was suspicious of Erik’s solicitor.

In the end it was suggested that they tried using Ábaco to clarify the situation. With conveyancing experts fluent in both Swedish and English, the situation was explained to John and the transaction went ahead smoothly. Once all taxes had been paid and the form submitted, John’s 3% retention was returned to him.

  • We were very pleased with all your services. We found everyone at Ábaco to be friendly and most efficient.

    Mr. Kelly
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