Case Studies

Examples of how we've helped our clients

Mr. B was a builder and wanted to use some of his spare time converting a derelict property.


Him and his wife found exactly what they had in mind in the outskirts of Fuengirola. The property had previously been a swimming pool and bar but was now derelict and covered in graffiti. The current owner was keen to sell and the location and plot size were ideal for what Mr and Mrs B had in mind. However, local residents warned them that the owner had been unable to pay the bills on the property and that there may be unpaid debts to settle as well as paying the asking price.

Concerned about what they might be taking on, Mr. and Mrs. B approached Ábaco. Ábaco carried out a legal check prior to purchase and did discover that there were debts held against the property. However, when the owner was presented with these he was prepared to reduce the asking price and a satisfactory agreement was reached.

Mr and Mrs. B were able to use Ábaco’s advice when it came to seeking planning permission for changes to the existing property. The final result was a great success and rather than selling it on they decided to keep the property for themselves.

Mr. and Mrs. K had purchased a house using a local solicitor in the Costa del Sol. They were not paying all their taxes.


The conveyancing process had gone smoothly for Mr. and Mrs. K and they were happy with their new property. But they were soon to learn that buying a house in Spain is more that just the initial conveyancing process itself.

Although they had been paying IBI (council tax) for the past four years they became aware through neighbours, that as non-residents they should also have been paying imputed income tax on their property. This is a tax that non-residents must pay if they do not rent out their property.

Following the tip-off from neighbours they approached the Spanish Tax Authority and discovered they not only owed the imputed tax itself but interest on it too. They found Ábaco through a search on the internet and contacted them about the outstanding debt. The tax advisor at Ábaco was a native English speaker and explained exactly what the tax was and what the couple needed to do next.

They signed up to Ábaco’s Ábacoconnect service which enabled them to access all transactions and tax declarations on line. They could track the process and see clearly what they needed to pay and when. The service was ideal for them as it meant they could continue with their busy lives,enjoy their holiday home and know that Ábaco’s after-sales tax service was making sure they were legal.

Mrs. F and Mr. M had heard stories in the British press about buying a house in Spain that did not fill them with confidence.


They had always wanted to move to Spain when they retired. Now they were worrying about the security of their investment. The whole system seemed confusing and in spite of reading as much as they could they felt they could not navigate the legalities themselves.

Following a recommendation by an Ábaco client they contacted our offices and discussed, with no obligation, what the conveyancing process would be and also how Ábaco would ensure that any after-sales legislatios and tax obligations would be taken care of.

Feeling more confident, they took up the opportunity of an inspection visit out to Spain. They maintained their link with Ábaco and asked them to check the property pre-purchase. Having fallen in love with a small villa on the outskirts of Torrevieja, Ábaco explained to them what all the initial costs might be and how much they might need to pay out annually once the property was theirs.

They were so impressed with the smooth conveyancing service that they were happy to entrust Ábaco with their taxes too, they even came into their offices to make a will. They were delighted when Ábaco were also able to arrange their insurance and make all the necessary arrangements with the banks and utility companies.

They are now enjoying their retirement home in the knowledge that Ábaco will continue to provide all the legal and fiscal support they need now and in the future.

  • We were very pleased with all your services. We found everyone at Ábaco to be friendly and most efficient.

    Mr. Kelly
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