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Their current fiscal representative was good but too expensive. They were worried about making the decision to change.


Mr. and Mrs. Cliff are British residents living in Rojales (Alicante) Like many people, they have found it more difficult to make ends meet during the past few years. One way in which they wanted to reduce their outgoings was by changing their fiscal representative. Although quite happy with their present tax adviser, he was expensive in comparison to Ábaco and they had heard good reports about this firm. They were also aware that Ábaco could give them the advice and assistance they were wanting in inheritance and making a Spanish will.


Ábaco were able to offer them help with changing their fiscal representation and made sure all their documentation was safely exchanged. They arranged a free inheritance tax calculation for them and provided advice on how their Spanish wills might be worded to their inheritors’ advantage. Mr. and Mrs Cliff decided not only to contract to ÁbacoConnect but also to take advantage of the 25% discount they were offering on making a Spanish Will.

When finding a tax representative it hadn’t occurred to them that he would need to know something about tax affairs in their native country as well as in Spain.


Mr. and Mrs. H are British. They are currently Spanish residents living in a house in Ciudad Quesada. They had become increasingly disappointed with their fiscal representative. He was difficult to contact by phone and only wanted to discuss issues through appointments that he charged for. They were also sceptical of his knowledge of the British tax system. He seemed to find it hard to navigate the different documents they sent him and he didn’t seem able to explain what they were paying or why.

Following a presentation by Ábaco at an association meeting, an appointment was made with one of their British tax advisers who has 25 years experience of both tax systems. She was able to alert them to errors in the way their tax was being presented. Mr. and Mrs. H were upset that in spite of their best efforts their tax hadn’t been paid correctly and decided to contract to Ábaco. Not only did they now understand their tax situation more clearly but they knew that they had access to the Ábaco Help-line at any time they might need it.

They never knew when money would be deducted from their bank account. This meant that on occasions there weren’t sufficient funds and the invoice was sent back unpaid.


Mr. and Mrs. O. are British and non-resident in Spain. They have a house in Gran Alacant. They were finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of when fees and charges were likely to be billed from their bank account. This sometimes resulted in bills being returned unpaid. This took them a while to remedy each time it happened. At last, they contacted Ábaco who also informed them that they had outstanding IBI tax payments. Something that their previous fiscal rep should have dealt with for them. On hearing that Ábaco sent out automatic electronic notification of when their bills were due, they decided to change their representative.

  • “What a pleasure it has been to use the AbacoConnect service. Our Spanish taxes were taken care of for the year by on-line so we did not even have to be in Spain to complete all the formalities. What a fabulous convenience.”

    Paul Holden
  • “I could not speak more highly of this firm and their service. They quickly instilled me with confidence that they could do the job. The attention was fast and professional, as was the response to any questions I raised.”

    Teresa Howard
  • They thought that paying the IBI tax was all they needed to do. When they bought their property no one told them that there was also non-resident income tax to pay.
    They thought that paying the IBI tax was all they needed to do. When they bought their property no one told them that there was also non-resident income tax to pay.

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