Make a will in Spain

Save time and money by signing a will in Spain

We are often asked, why make a will in Spain? Our answer is that making a Spanish will can save your relatives time and money. Knowing more about Spanish inheritance tax means that you can plan more knowledgably how to leave your inheritance.

Making a will in Spain means that there will be no need for your benefactors to get an interpreter or have your will authenticated. This makes the process quicker and simpler for all concerned. An important factor at this difficult time. At Ábaco we can give you the advice you need to make a Spanish will work for you and your family.

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It’s your peace of mind and their future

Making sure that everything is left in order for your inheritors will help them enormously

Three reasons for making a will in Spain:

It's easier for your inheritors
A Spanish will makes the process easier for your inheritors

Having a Spanish will makes the process smoother and quicker and your inheritors will be better prepared for what they should do.

Reduce inheritance tax to a minimum
Professional advice to reduce inheritance tax

With professional advice you can make sure that there is as little inheritance tax to pay as possible

Make sure inheritors get the benefit
Make sure that as much as possible goes to your inheritors

You've worked hard for your possessions and you want to make sure that as much as possible goes to those you care about.

Key features included in our Spanish Wills Service

Leaving a Spanish will can help inheritors at the time they need it most. Our specialists are ready to help you.
Our service includes:
  • Advice and information about your will - answering all your questions
  • All the benefits of having a Spanish will when you have property in Spain
  • Advice to help ensure that inheritors pay the minimum amount of inheritance tax
  • Approximate calculation of how much the inheritance tax might be
  • Organising the appointment at the notaries
  • Reviewing and adjusting the content of the will prior to signing
  • Signing the will at the notary's
  • We approached Ábaco for help and advice due to our recent bereavement of our youngest son who died unexpectedly. We were introduced to ÁbacoInheritance Team, who immediately assured us that all our son's Spanish estate and inheritance wishes would be taken care of.

    John Heatley and Beryl Pickford
  • When my partner passed away I had the difficult task of going through the legal procedures required, regarding our property and assets in Spain. I met with Abaco, who was immediately able to give me reassurance and excellent help and advice. A difficult period of my life was made much more bearable for which I will be eternally grateful.

    Alyson Moody
  • Signing a Spanish Will
    Signing a Spanish Will

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