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Receive a comprehensive assessment of your prospective property

Once you have located a property, how do you know that it is problem-free and that the paper work is in order? Our property survey in Spain will help you buy your Spanish home with confidence. We will produce a health check relating to the property you have in mind. This includes making sure that utilities and taxes have been checked and that the property itself is in structural order.

As part of the property survey in Spain an accredited surveyor will visit the property and check its condition. If you were buying a property in your home country you would take this kind of precaution. Why not in Spain?

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Helping you make the right property decisions in Spain

Your home is our priority

Our assessment includes

Legal Status of the Property
Make sure the property you wish to buy is totally legal

We will make sure the property you wish to buy is totally legal

Utilities and Taxes Check
Utilities and Taxes Check

We will make sure you are informed of all outstanding payments on utilities before being transferred to your name

Property Survey
Property Survey

A Tinsa* accredited surveyor will visit the property and check its condition against 200 standards

Key features of our service

We will complete a thorough check that includes:
Protecting your interests
  • Establishing whether there are any outstanding debts on the utilities or the property taxes e.g. electricity bills, community fees and council tax
  • Conducting a survey to check the physical condition of the property and its surroundings *
  • Ensuring that your interests are taken care of in the contract
Checking official records
  • Confirming that details in the land registry records are accurate e.g.  the official owners, debts held against the property and construction history 
  • Ensuring that the certificate from the Catastral Registry matches the property’s Title Deed 
  • Comparing the details in both registries to ensure that they are consistent 


Making sure the paper work is in place
  • Establishing that there is either a first occupation licence/ habitation certificate  or a second occupation licence if the property is a resale
  • Identifying whether the property has an Energy Performance Certificate or still requires one
  • Confirming the legal status of home improvements e.g. have any additional rooms or extensions been officially recorded

* Tinsa is the leading property valuer in Spain
For more info about tinsa click www.tinsa.es

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