Spanish Inheritance Service

An inheritance service you can rely on

Sorting out inheritance after a bereavement is difficult. We take you right through the Spanish inheritance process concentrating on what really matters. The Spanish inheritance system is not known for its simplicity. However, our inheritance legal service in Spain makes the complicated simple.

Our experienced lawyers are ready to answer your questions and will help you understand what happens and why. Our inheritance legal services won’t make things better but they can make things easier, de-mystifying the process wherever you might be based.

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We will take care of everything on your behalf

Nobody is really prepared for bereavement with all the emotional demands it makes. The last thing you want is to struggle with the legal implications.

Three reasons why you should choose our inheritance service:

We make the complicated simple
All the help necessary to manage your inheritance in Spain

We will give you all the help necessary to manage your inheritance in Spain.

No need for inheritors to travel to Spain
Contact maintained with inheritors throughout the inheritance process

Constant contact maintained with inheritors throughout the process. Our priority is to be available to you.

Wherever your Spanish property is located
Inheritance service wherever your Spanish property is located

For you and for those you care about. Putting their mind at rest wherever they are.

Key features included in our inheritance service:

We offer you comprehensive support and advice to help you with inheritance procedures in Spain
Advice and support from day one
  • Personal attention from a specialist lawyer to advise you of the process and what you might expect
  • A calculation of the inheritance tax payable on any assets
  • Contact in our offices, through e-mail or by telephone
  • Advice as the process draws to a close and you make decisions for the future
All administrative services
  • Obtaining bank account certificates
  • Obtaining the last will certificate
  • Reclaiming life insurance entitlements
  • Obtaining the town hall registration records
All the legal procedures involved in inheritance
  • Speedy acquisition of inheritor's NIE
  • Organisation of the power of attorney in Spain or in your own country
  • Obtaining a copy of the last will
  • All sworn translations
  • Legalisation of all foreign documents before the notary
  • Organising the deferment of inheritance tax payment if necessary
  • Signing the inheritance documents through a power of attorney before the Notary
  • Organising the payment of inheritance tax
Services after the signing of the inheritance deed
  • Change of name and arrangements for a new bank account
  • Change of name with utility companies and with the community of owners
  • Registration of any changes at the Land Registry
  • Payment of plusvalía tax for the property (local tax based on increase in the value of the land)
Additional services
  • Advice and assistance with the annual Spanish property taxes for inheritors
  • Documentation in preparation for the sale of the property
  • After my husband's funeral, I returned to Spain and contacted Ábaco in order to ask them for help with the Spanish Probate. They immediately helped me with all legal formalities, I have not had to do anything myself, they dealt with everything on my behalf.

    Kerstin H.
  • On behalf of my wife and myself I would like to say thank you Ábaco for your thorough and very professional attitude. We would recommend this company to anyone needing help and advice.

    John H.
  • Friendly atmosphere, excellent service and advice given. Thanks for giving us peace of mind and looking after all our legal needs.

    Giovanni F.
  • I could not speak more highly of this firm and their service. They quickly instilled me with confidence that they could do the job. The attention was fast and professional, as was the response to any questions I raised.

    Teresa H.
  • Ábaco was immediately able to give me reassurance and excellent help and advice. Throughout the process, I was kept informed at every stage swiftly and professionally. Adifficult period of my life was made much more bearable.

    Alyson M.
  • Spanish Inheritance Service
    Spanish Inheritance Service
    Spanish Inheritance Service
    Spanish Inheritance Service
    Spanish Inheritance Service

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