Case Studies

Examples of how we've helped our clients

Miss R. was coming to work in Spain. She was nervous about the prospect of buying a house there.


Friends suggested that she rent a property to begin with. However, she had money saved and had no home of her own in the UK. She liked the idea of purchasing her own property and recognised how the recession had reduced the prices.

With help from her new employers she had found the home she wanted. She just wasn’t sure about the process of buying it.  She came across the Ábaco personalised service from a google search. It would mean that she would have help throughout the whole process of buying her new home.

She was collected from the airport by the Ábaco representative and her hotel room had been booked for her too. She made the most of her stay in Spain to get to know the area as well as completing the necessary paper work.

Although she became more confident by the day, she could not have contemplated the process of getting an NIE number, for example, without the help of Ábaco. When the transaction was completed she was sorry to have to return to the UK and felt very excited at the prospect of her new life and new home in Spain

Mr and Mrs J. were happy with their resale holiday home until they came for their Easter holiday.


The purchase had been straightforward and Ábaco had made sure that all the bills for utilities were transferred into their name. Insurance was paid and Mr. and Mrs. J had already enjoyed two trouble free holidays on the Costa Blanca.

However, when they arrived for their Easter vacation they were shocked to discover that there had been a water leak whilst they had been away. The result was that electronic equipment in their sitting room was irreparably damaged and the expensive rug they had bought during their last visit was ruined.

They contacted Ábaco to find out what they should do. Ábaco explained that they should be covered for the damage by insurance and all the equipment and the rug could be replaced. Mapfre insurance company arranged for a plumber to visit the house and check what the problem had been. The leaking pipe was fixed and the couple were advised of ways of preventing a similar problem in the future.

Mr. S had relatives who lived in the Costa Blanca. He wanted to join them but wasn’t sure whose advice to take.


It seemed for Mr. S that everyone had good advice to give but that it was often contradictory. One person would say to rent first, another to go straight on and buy. One would say that you didn’t need to be a resident, another that it was essential.

He became so confused by the good wishes and information from his relatives that he almost decided to forget his dream and stay where he was in the UK. However, he came across Ábaco’s website and started to make enquiries of his own.

After contacting Ábaco he had opportunity to talk to an expert in his native language and at last he could begin to sort out the bad from the good advice he had been receiving. He felt assured that Ábaco only used trusted estate agents and services and their strong code of ethics was clear throughout all contact he had in these early stages of his quest.

At last he decided to take the bull by the horns. With the advice Ábaco had given him and the results of his own research he did go ahead. Ábaco were as good as their word and Mr. S was very happy with the property he bought, in a completely different region to his relatives.

  • We were very pleased with all your services. We found everyone at Ábaco to be friendly and most efficient.

    Mr. Kelly
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