Solutions to defects in Spanish property

Challenge construction defects in your Spanish home

Buying a new property in Spain is an exciting prospect. However, once you have moved in, structural defects can start to appear. Latent defects in Spanish property are not unusual and fortunately there is insurance to help put matters right. Ábaco can pursue insurance claims on your behalf and make sure that problems are rectified.

Having taken the step of buying your property in the first place you don’t want latent defects to spoil your experience of your home in Spain. There are laws to protect you too and our experienced team of lawyers will act on your behalf.

We will represent you where structural problems exist and pursue insurance claims on your behalf.

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Our team is both expert and experienced

More than ten years experience of taking action against those responsible for construction defects.

Three reasons why you should choose our service:

Recover the use of your home

This is your property in Spain and it should be in perfect condition for living and daily use.

Remove the stress and worry

We will bring normality back to your daily life and help you get rid of the stress a property problem can cause.

Avoid personal injury

The safety of your home starts with its foundations - we follow up concerns about structural damage.

Key points included:

  • Extrajudicial negotiation
  • Representing you in lawsuits
  • Preventative measures to make your home safe and avoid demolition
  • Execution of the favourable sentence
  • Constant flow of information
  • Communication in your native language