Case Studies

Examples of how we've helped our clients

When Mr A died his partner, Mrs. M, didn't want to keep her share of Mr. A's property


In this case a new relationship leads to difficulties when one of the couple dies

Mr. A and Mrs. M had both lost their spouses. They found each other and so began a new relationship. They decided they did not want to get married again but were happy to share their lives with each other. Unfortunately Mr. A died leaving Mrs. M in a difficult situation. The terms of the will meant that Mr. A’s son inherited 50% of the property. Mrs. M and the son did not get on very well and were certainly not interested in sharing the same house. Mrs. M had decided that she wanted to return to the UK to be with her own children and Mr. A’s son was interested in buying her half of the property.

In order to make the process easier, Ábaco acquired power of attorney and were able to act on behalf of the son in Spain. Mrs. M was relieved that this meant he did not have to visit her or stay in the house at all. Mrs. A gave up any rights to live in the house and her share was bought by the son. She was then able to return to the UK.

When Mr. H's wife died, she wanted to sell their property in the Costa del Sol and move on


For this client, an unfortunate series of events left him and his family needing help.

Mr. and Mrs. H. moved to the Costa del Sol from Scotland on their retirement. Unfortunately, Mrs. H. died soon after their move and Mr. H. was left not only with his grief but the added worry of what he should do next. Ábaco had already acted on his behalf with the house purchase. At his wits end, he contacted them in the hope that they could help.

The Abaco Inheritance department provided Mr.H with just the reassurance and understanding that he needed at this difficult time. They also took care of matters. A power of attorney was organised and 50% of the ownership of the property belonging to Mrs. H was transferred to Mr.H according to what was stated in her Scottish will. A new title deed was registered in his sole name and Mr. H. was then free to sell his property. He no longer wished to live where he and his wife had planned to spend their retirement.

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